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Academic Advising Committee
Academic Advisory Council
Academic Bankruptcy Policy
Academic Catalog Policy
Academic Freedom Policy
Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Program Coordinator Responsibilities Policy
Academic Program Review Policy
Acceptable Encryption Policy
Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy
Accepting Monetary or Non-Monetary Compensation or Gifts
Accessible Participation Policy
Accounts Receivable Policy
Administrative Advisory Council
Administrative and Unclassified Employee Evaluation Policy
Admissions Panel
Alcohol and Other Drug Policy
Animal Use and Care Council
Animals on Campus Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-Hazing Policy
Assessment and Certification of Faculty English Proficiency Policy
Assessment Policy
Athletic Engagement Committee
Athletics Academic Advisory Committee
Authorizing Contracts between the University and Faculty, Research Staff, Coaching Staff, or Company with which Employee has Interest
Awarding of Honorary Degrees
Awarding of Posthumous Degrees
Banner Finance Requisition Approval Policy
Bar From University-Owned or Controlled Premises
Behavior Intervention Team
Black Faculty-Staff Council
Campus Development Council (CDC)
Campus Mail Policy
Candles/Open Flame Devices Policy
Cash Collections and Deposits Policy
Cash Management and Investment Policy
Championship Ring Policy
Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Policy
Civility and Personal Conduct Policy
Classified Leave Types and Policies
Clery Compliance Committee
Code of Conduct for Employees Offering Student Financial Assistance
Commencement Committee
Commencement Policy
Committee on Diversity and Equity Initiatives
Complimentary Admission, Lodging, and/or Transportation Policy
Complimentary Ticket and Pass Policy
Computer Hardware Standards Policy
Confidentiality of and Access to Student Records Policy
Confidentiality of Health Information Policy
Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee
Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy
Consensual Relationship Policy
Copyright Infringement and Peer to Peer File Sharing Policy
Copyright Policy
Course Delivery Classifications Policy
Course Enrollment Management Policy
Course Materials and Bookstore Committee
Credit Card and Consumer Solicitation Policy
Credit Hour Policy
Crisis Annual Leave Program Policy
Curriculum and Course Development Policy
Degree Certification Policy
Degree Program Instructional Delivery (Full-Time/Part-Time Faculty)
Demotion Pay Policy
Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Plan
Domain Name Registration Policy
Drone Policy
Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
Dual Degree Policy
Dual Enrollment Policy
Electronic Communications Policy
Electronic Signatures Policy
Employee Housing Policy
Employee Tuition and Fee Policy
Endowed Professorships Policy
Equity and Inclusion Policy
Establishment and Administration of Departmental Petty Cash or Change Funds Policy
Exams or Student Learning Assessment Policy
Export Control Policy
Externally Sponsored Projects Conflicts of Interest Policy
Extraordinary Qualifications/Credentials Policy
Facilities Use Committee
Facilities Use Policy
Faculty Appointments Policy
Faculty Compensation Policy
Faculty Credentialing Policy
Faculty Emeritus Policy
Faculty Evaluation Policy
Faculty Senate Policy
Faculty/Staff Season Ticket Policy
Family and Medical Leave Act Policy
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy
Federal Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) Policy
Fee Appeals Panel
Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards
Fire Drill Policy
Fundraising Policy
General Education Assessment Council
General Standards of Professional Ethics for Conducting Research and Sponsored Programs
Grade Appeals Committee
Grade Forgiveness Policy
Grading System Policy
Graduate Assistantships Policy
Graduate Council
Graduate Faculty Policy
Grant Writing and Research and Sponsored Programs Policy
Grievance Committee
Grievance Policy for Classified Employees
Guest and Employee Use of Counseling and Student Health Services Policy
Homecoming Committee
Honorary Degree Committee (Ad Hoc)
Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB)
Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB) Policy
Identity Theft Prevention Program Policy
Incident Management Team (IMT)
Inclusion Policy for Employees with Disabilities
Information Security Program Committee
Information Security Program Policy
Information Technology Data Classification Policy
Information Technology Governance Council
Information Technology Governance Policy
Information Technology Identity and Access Management Policy
Information Technology Incident Response Plan
Information Technology Network Security Policy
Information Technology System Change Management Policy
Intellectual Property and Shared Royalties Policy
Intellectual Property Committee
Key Control Policy
Management Control Policy
Master Planning Advisory Committee
McNeese State University Alumni Association
McNeese State University Foundation
Medical Leave Policy for Students
Minor Children Accompanying Students
Missed Class Policy for Student-Athletes
Missing Student Policy and Procedures
Mission and Foundational Statements
National Guard and Reservist Mobilization/Activation
NCAA Certification
Nepotism Policy
Office of Marketing and Communications
Online Course Policy
Optional Pay Adjustment Policy
Outside Employment and Consulting
Outsourced Marketing/Advertising Policy
Parking and Traffic Appeal Committee
Parking Permit Policy
Personnel File Policy
Petty Cash Policy
Placement of Printed Materials on Campus Policy
Policy on Policies
Policy on University Committees
Power-Based Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy
Pre-Employment Background Investigation Policy
Premium Pay Policy for University Police
President’s Awards for Excellence Policy
President’s Senior Staff
Program Accreditation Policy
Prohibition Against Retaliation Policy
Promotions in Academics Policy
Proof of Immunization Policy
Property Control Policy
Public Forum Policy
Public Records Request Policy
Purchase Orders Policy
Records Retention and Disposition Policy
Recoupment of Overpayment Policy
Registration Task Force
Remote Access Policy
Reporting the Misappropriation of Public Funds or Assets
Residency Appeals Ad Hoc
Responsibilities of Academic Staff
Rewards and Recognition Policy for Classified Staff
Search Policies and Procedures for Positions of Dean or Higher
Seeking and Holding Public Office
Selective Service Registration Policy
Serving Alcoholic Beverages at Athletic Events Policy
Social Security Number Policy
Student Advocacy Group
Student Complaint Policy
Student Employment Policy
Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) Policy
Student Handbook
Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan
Student Location for Licensure Notification Policy
Student Organizations Committee
Student Organizations Handbook
Student Self-Assessed Fee Oversight Committee
Student-Athlete Drug Testing Policy
Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Policy
Study Abroad Policy
Study Day Policy
Submission of Academic Progress Rate (APR) and Graduation Success Rate (GSR) Data Policy
Substantive Change Reporting for SACSCOC Compliance
Summer School Policy for Department Heads
Supplemental Compensation Policy
System Fund Budget Committee
Task Force on Accessibility Services and Compliance
Technology Strategic Planning Task Force
Telework Policy for Classified Staff
Tenure in Academics Policy
Termination of Service Policy
Textbook and Course Materials Policy
Title IV Compliance Task Force
Title IV Program Responsibility Policy
Title IX Grievance Procedure
Tobacco and Vapor Use Policy
Trademark Licensing Policy
Traffic Control Committee
Transfer of Credit Policy
Travel Expenses
Travel Policy
Unclassified Crisis Leave Program Policy
Unclassified Grievance/Complaint Policy
Unclassified Leave Types and Policies
Unclassified Staff Compensation Policy
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
University Authority and Governance
University Conduct and Academic Integrity Committee
University Meals Policy
University Syllabus Policy
University Volunteer Policy
Vault Security Policy
Vehicle Use Policy
Videography and Photography Policy
Violence-Free Workplace and Campus Violence Prevention Policy
Withdrawal Appeals Committee
Withdrawal from Courses and Resignation from the University Policy
Withdrawal from Courses for Non-Attendance Policy
Work Hours and Overtime Compensation Policy for 12-Month Staff