McNeese State University Alumni Association

Authority: University Advancement
Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted January 5, 2016; Revised August 2021

Established in 1960, the McNeese Alumni Association is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting with and encouraging the material prosperity, academic progress, and extra-curricular growth of McNeese State University. This includes soliciting alumni for donations to the annual fund, as well as developing innovative programs and services that strengthen alumni ties and encourage graduates’ lifelong support of McNeese State University. The office reports directly to the vice president for University advancement and works closely with that office and the McNeese Foundation. The Alumni Association is governed by an external board of directors elected by active alumni, as defined by the bylaws of the organization.


The purpose of this policy is to specify the roles and responsibilities of the McNeese Alumni Association, including the following: 

  • To maintain open communications with the vice president for University advancement for the purpose of understanding and adhering to the strategic plans and priorities of McNeese. 
  • To solicit alumni donations to help enhance academic programs, provide scholarships, enhance student life, promote athletics, build alumni relations, improve facilities, and help to advance programs that assist McNeese in achieving its mission.  
  • To conduct the Alumni Annual Fund campaign by way of direct mail, online solicitations, and the annual Alumni Phonathon. 
  • To remain accountable to our donors that support McNeese, its mission, institutional goals, and core values and to act in accordance with donor intent. 
  • To assist the Office of University Advancement by identifying, cultivating, and encouraging alumni to make endowed gifts through the McNeese Foundation.
  • To use all good standards of practice in accounting, management, database, and marketing functions of the office. 
  • To have an independent outside audit performed each year and to abide by generally accepted accounting principles. 
  • To act in accordance with an independent board of directors, elected by “active alumni” as defined in the bylaws, who are responsible for the control and management of the Alumni Association. 
  • To manage and help maintain the Stream Alumni Center and the Robert Noland Pavilion, which were built with alumni donations. 
  • To use best practices in maintaining the database of graduate information and to follow all FERPA guidelines. 


  1. The relationship between the McNeese Alumni Association and the University and the extent of any liability arising out of that relationship is clearly described in a formal, written manner. (Affiliation Agreement between McNeese State University and the McNeese State University Alumni Association)
  2. All fundraising activities shall conform to established University rules and policies and shall fit within the University vision and mission. (See Fundraising Policy)
  3. All gifts shall be processed and acknowledged in writing in a timely and appropriate manner. (Alumni Policy and Procedure Manual – located in the Alumni Office)
  4. The privacy of personal student information must be respected. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (See Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy


This policy is distributed via Campus Digest and the University Policies webpage.