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Choosing a university is one of the first steps your student will take as an adult, and making the right choice can have a big impact on their future. Whether you are a college graduate yourself and know all about the process of helping your student apply, or you're learning the ins-and-outs of a university education for the first time, we're here to help you assist your student in making the choice that is best for them.

Already McNeese Bound?

If our student has already applied to McNeese and been accepted, you can learn more about how to help them be successful at McNeese through our parent orientation.

Excellence with a personal Touch

Our Promise to You

Your student may already have a degree program in mind, or they may be struggling to decide on a major. They might even not be sure that college is right for them. They may do their best with clear, structured assignments, or flourish in the field learning through a process of creativity, discovery, and self-direction. Their success may lie through individualized attention, or they may thrive in an environment that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork.

Helping your student find the balance between their learning needs, the right academic program, affordable tuition costs, and location can feel daunting. Adding to the task, you undoubtedly want to support your student in making their own choices, while also ensuring that they enter adulthood with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world and without undue financial burdens.

At McNeese, we are committed to helping your student discover the degree program that will secure their future. We pledge to provide them with the encouragement and support they need to help them achieve their dreams, as well as the flexibility to meet their learning styles. Whichever degree program they choose, our goal is to instill in them the timeless knowledge and skills that bridge all academic disciplines, so they will graduate able to adapt and overcome whatever challenges the future might present.

student life

Our Campus

The McNeese campus is nestled in the heart of Lake Charles, Louisiana, a cozy city steeped in the heart of Cajun country. Our historic buildings are framed by 70-year-old live oaks, beautiful landscaping and well-maintained walking paths. Everywhere on campus is a five-to-ten-minute walk from everywhere else, including our residence halls, student health center and three-story parking garage, with added accessibility for students with mobility limitations. Located just off I-210, our campus is also convenient for students who are looking to commute from the surrounding areas.

Our campus provides everything your student could want from a larger university, including exhibition and performance spaces, advanced athletic facilities and arenas, and state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities. And we're always improving - currently, we're expanding our campus amenities and facilities to better meet our students' needs.

Inside the classroom

Our Academics

When you think of college, you may think of large auditoriums where hundreds of students are crowded in to listen to a professor lecture from a podium. That doesn’t happen at McNeese. With small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios, our professors and instructors have personal relationships with each of their students, and therefore a personal stake in their welfare and success. Highly qualified experts in their respective fields, our professors and instructors provide individualized mentorship to students and help them make the best decisions to meet their educational and career goals. With 70% of our professors and instructors classified as full-time faculty or tenure-track, we are committed to maintaining a strong, long-term teaching staff that is committed to student success.

Learning extends outside of the classroom, too, and so we offer a variety of enrichment opportunities such as study abroad and, thanks to our strong ties to local industries, a robust internship program available to students in every major. We are also proud to offer a number of employment opportunities for students right here on campus.

Traditions Live On

Our Culture

We want your student to graduate not just well-educated, but also embodying our university’s values – honesty, integrity, respect, and courage. We also want your student to feel at home here, and we encourage an atmosphere of care, respect, and support among administration, faculty, staff, and students. We’re happy to support a range of student organizations to realize these interconnected goals and strive to create a sense of community through campus-wide events and gatherings, like our Homecoming and Welcome Back Week celebrations.

an environment to thrive in

Our Community

College is a place where everyone should feel safe. Ensuring your student's health and safety is a core part of our culture, which is why we have a dedicated on-site police force who work to keep campus safe and secure. We also believe that safety is proactive, community effort, which is why we have policies in place protecting all members of our campus community against bullying, harassment, and abusive behavior.

Our dedication to health and safety also extends to your student's physical and mental well being at McNeese, which is why we have on-campus Student Health Services, where students can receive acute medical care fully funded by an assessed student health fee included in their regular semester fees. Students can also receive free counseling and acute mental health care at our on-campus counseling center.

A smart investment

Our Tuition

Of course, cost is at the forefront of any parent's mind when helping your student choose where to attend, and figuring out how to pay for a degree can feel like a minefield. At McNeese, we aim to make the decision an easy one. McNeese has one of the lowest in-state and out of state tuition rates in Louisiana. We also make applying for scholarships simple — in fact, when your student applies for admission, they will automatically be considered for and notified if they qualify for university-funded scholarships. In addition, McNeese awards on average more than $34 million in federal financial aid through grants, work-study programs, and student loans.


Now that you know more about us, are you interested in helping your student apply?
McNeese's admissions are rolling throughout the year, so your student can apply for admission and be accepted at any time.