University Conduct and Academic Integrity Committee

Authority: Student Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: N/A

The president (appointing authority) ensures conduct and academic integrity polices and procedures are administered. The president or designee will appoint at least eight (8) faculty members, considers for appointment at least seven (7) of the Student Government Association president’s recommended nominees, and may appoint other employees and students to the committee. The president or designee appoints a faculty chairperson to preside over the committee and may appoint multiple panels and panel chairpersons in order to efficiently manage proceedings.

The Committee hears cases whereby a student is charged with a Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity violation when requested by the administrator or chairperson or when the administrator’s decision in a disciplinary matter is appealed. A quorum of a duly constituted committee or panel thereof, is comprised of at least five (5) members plus one (1) faculty chairperson. All members are appointed to serve for one calendar year beginning with the first day of class for the Fall semester and serve at the pleasure of the president or designee. The chairperson reserves the option to appoint multiple panels and panel chairperson of the committee to hear cases, and such panels are authorized to convene as long as a quorum is met. From the faculty members, the president or designee will appoint a chairperson. The committee (or panel thereof) will elect a faculty vice chairperson to preside in the absence of the chairperson. In the event a committee or panel chairperson and vice chairperson are unable to preside, the committee or panel members present will elect a faculty acting chairperson to preside so business may be conducted without delay. All members of the committee or panel are voting members, except the chairperson, who only votes in the event of a tie. If a committee member resigns or is removed from the committee, the president or designee may appoint a replacement.