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Domain Name Registration Policy

Authority: Business Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted January 11, 2016


The purpose of this policy is to provide information and procedures to be followed for registering a domain name.


Domain names are used to identify a business, organization or institution on the Internet. This unique identifier allows the creation of web pages, e-mail and other Internet-based services. Domain names are assigned at different levels which include:

  • Top-level domain (TLD) is the highest level and last segment of the name. Examples include .COM, .ORG, .NET, and .EDU.
  • Second-level domain (SLD) is directly below a top-level domain. For example, in MYDOMAIN.COM, “MYDOMAIN” is the second-level domain of the .COM TLD.
  • Third-level domains, often called subdomains, are generally used to distinguish departments, divisions or services. For example, in WWW.MYDOMAIN.COM, “WWW” is the third-level domain.

The domain name assigned to McNeese State University is MCNEESE.EDU.


This policy covers all academic and administrative units, academic and administrative staff, and university affiliates seeking to register a domain name.


The university recognizes ‘MCNEESE.EDU’ as its official domain name and, like other marks of the institution, is restricted to the university’s policies and guidelines. Registration of a domain name will require advance permission and must be approved by the Web Design Task Force.

Reason for Policy

A domain name, as with any trade name, is part of the identity of the university. It helps communicate the university’s image and reputation to the public. This policy helps govern domain name registrations to ensure domain names are used appropriately and in alignment with institutional goals.


  • Requests for top and second-level domains will undergo review by the Web Design Task Force for approval
  • Third-level domain names do not require registration and can be created and administered by the Office of Information Technology.

Office of Information Technology
Burton Business Center, Room 433


  • The Chief Information Technology Officer approves requests for third-level domain names
  • Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Chief Information Technology and/or the President
  • Registration, billing and communication with the domain name Registrar will be handled by the Office of Information Technology

This policy is distributed via the Academic Advisory Council, the Administrative Advisory Council, the University Listserv, the Student Listserv, University’s website and through routine communication between departments.