Summer School Policy for Department Heads

Authority: Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Date Enacted or Revised: July 2011; Revised January 6, 2016; March 16, 2022


This policy serves as a guideline for expectations of summer employment for academic or nine-month department heads.

The University policy for summer employment of department heads is as follows:

  1. Department heads are expected to perform all administrative duties if they are employed for the summer. Administrative workload shall be comprised of a 20-hour administrative responsibility per week. Student support hours must be posted.
  2. The normal course load for department heads in the summer is six hours. If sufficient courses are not available, department heads may receive prorated summer pay. Teaching is above the administrative workload.
  3. The employment of department heads in the summer takes precedence over members of the department (i.e., no other faculty member may be employed in the department if the department head is not teaching a full load and is receiving full pay unless exceptions are approved for unique circumstances).
  4. Low enrollment classes of less than ten for an undergraduate course and less than five for a graduate course and low enrollment classes taught for the convenience of graduating seniors do not count as part of the normal teaching load for department heads unless special exceptions are approved by both the provost and vice president for academic affairs and enrollment management and the president. Pay may be prorated for classes with less than minimal enrollment expectations.
  5. Department heads may not be absent from work during the summer session for reasons other than medical or emergency reasons. Academic staff (nine- or ten-month employees) do not earn annual leave and must be present at work if being paid for summer work. 


This policy is distributed via the Academic Council and the University Policies webpage.