University Authority and Governance

Authority: President
Date Enacted or Revised: February 2015; Revised October 15, 2015

Louisiana Public Postsecondary Education Governance Structure

Board of Regents

Article VIII, Section 5, of the 1974 Constitution of the State of Louisiana, Act 313 (1975), and Louisiana Revised Statutes 17 (3125) et seq. states that the Board shall plan, coordinate, and have budgetary responsibilities relative to public institutions of higher education as provided by law.  The Academic Affairs section of the Policies and Procedures Manual of the Board of Regents contains additional information on the responsibilities of the Board of Regents and the systems it oversees. The Policies and Procedures of the Board of Regents for Academic Affairs is located at:

Board of Regents responsibilities include:

  • Policymaking and coordinating board for postsecondary education
  • Represent the postsecondary education system to the Governor and Legislature
  • Formulate the Master Plan
  • Establish role, scope, and mission for systems and institutions
  • Develop and adopt formula for equitable distribution of funds
  • Approve degree programs, departments of instruction, etc.
  • Formulate operating budget recommendations
  • Formulate capital budget recommendations

University of Louisiana System, Board of Supervisors

McNeese State University is a member of the University of Louisiana System.  Powers of management over McNeese State University not specifically vested by the Constitution in the Board of Regents are reserved to the University of Louisiana System. The duties, powers, and functions of this System are stated in the Rules of the University of Louisiana System, Part One – Bylaws, Section V. Duties, Powers, and Functions.,%20Powers%20and%20Functions%2012_3_2012.pdf

Management Boards’ responsibilities include:

  • Supervise and Manage systems
  • Award certificates, confer degrees, and issue diplomas
  • Receive and spend appropriated funds according to the master plan
  • Determine student fees
  • Purchase land and acquire buildings, subject to approval of Regents
  • Employ and approve employment, fix salaries, duties, and functions of personnel
  • Oversee financial operations of schools

Board of Supervisors policies specifically affecting McNeese State University are delegated to the University President who, along with his administrative staff and faculty retain ultimate responsibility for administration and implementation of policies and daily operation of the institution.