Violence-Free Workplace and Campus Violence Prevention Policy

Authority: President
Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted December 2015; Revised March 20, 2022

McNeese State University is committed to providing an environment for its faculty, staff, and students which is safe, secure, and respectful—an environment that is free from violence. Consequently, no form of intimidating, hostile, threatening, or violent behavior will be tolerated. This policy applies to all McNeese State University students, faculty, staff, contracted employees, and campus visitors.

McNeese State University Prohibits:

  1. Any act or threat of violence, including, but not limited to intimidation, harassment, or coercion;
  2. Any act or threat of violence or harassment which endangers the safety of another person or may be perceived to endanger the safety of another person;
  3. Any act or threat of violence or harassment made directly or indirectly by words, gestures, or symbols; and
  4. Any act or threat of action that impedes or compromises the University’s capacity to maintain a campus culture that promotes safety and security for students, faculty, administration, employees, and guests.

In accordance with this policy, any behavior that impedes or compromises the University’s ability to maintain a safe environment is to be reported to the appropriate University official. All reports will be investigated and kept confidential, except where there is a legitimate need to know. The University believes that the campus community may be better prepared to avoid or prevent violence if it is informed of early warning signs so that it can follow response procedures.

Reporting Violations

In cases of direct or imminent physical threat to individuals or property, immediately contact the University Police at (337) 475-5711. Faculty and staff should then also report the incident to the immediate supervisor or department head.

When the behavior does not constitute a direct or imminent physical threat, contact should be made promptly as follows:

  • Faculty and Staff: The immediate supervisor, department head, or dean.
  • Students: The dean of student services.
  • Others: University Police.

Employees and students who act in good faith by reporting actual or suspected violations of this policy will not be retaliated against or subjected to harassment.

The appropriate University official will investigate the incident, request written statements, and report to any member of the Incident Management Team.

The team will take appropriate action in accordance with University policy.


This policy is distributed via the Administrative Advisory Council, the University Policies webpage, and mandatory web-based training.