Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Policy

Authority: Athletics
Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted August 2021; Revised June 15, 2023

In addition to Louisiana Revised Statute 17:3703, student-athletes are required to adhere to the University’s Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Policy. The purpose of this policy is to protect student-athletes’ athletic eligibility while also educating student-athletes about financial literacy and how to properly and safely maximize the benefits of their NIL.

Notification Period

All student-athletes must notify Athletics and disclose details of all NIL agreements and engagements through the INFLCR platform seven days prior to the effective date of the agreement. Any changes to the agreement must be submitted within seven days of the changes being made.

Prohibited NIL Endorsements

Per Louisiana Revised Statute 17:3703, student-athletes may not enter into NIL agreements that conflict with existing institutional sponsorship agreements or contracts or agreements for the endorsement of any of the following:

  • Tobacco products;
  • Alcohol;
  • Illegal substances or activities;
  • NCAA-banned substances;
  • Any form of gambling or gaming, including sports wagering;
  • Adult entertainment; or
  • Any entity or product contrary to the values of McNeese State University.

Use of University Facilities, Uniforms, Logos, and Trademarks

Student-athletes shall not use any University facilities, uniforms, logos, registered trademarks, products protected by copyright, or official logos, marks, colors, or other indicia to promote their NIL without the express written permission of McNeese State University. The student-athlete must request the use of such marks or facilities in their disclosure of the NIL agreement through the INFLCR platform seven days prior to the effective date of the agreement. Any use of an athletics facility is subject to the University’s Facilities Use Policy.

Duration of Contracts

The duration of a contract for representation of a student-athlete or compensation for the use of a student-athlete’s NIL shall not extend beyond the student-athlete’s participation in an athletic program at the University.

International Student-Athletes

International student-athletes do not qualify to receive compensation for their NIL per the regulations of their F-1 Visa. Please consult the Office of International Programs for more detailed information regarding F-1 Visas.

Recruiting Inducements

Boosters may not provide compensation or NIL opportunities to enrolled student-athletes or prospective student-athletes (as defined per NCAA Bylaw 13.02.13) based on their commitment to a particular institution, or remaining enrolled at a particular institution. Boosters may not provide student-athletes compensation for their athletic performance on the playing field.

Student-athletes may not receive compensation for their NIL while participating in official team activities such as practices, gamedays, or any other organized team activity (e.g., autograph days, team previews, interviews, etc.).

Violations and Penalties

Any violations of this policy and/or state law will be subject to penalties. Such penalties may include suspensions, fines, dismissal from team, or loss of athletic scholarship.

Financial Literacy and Life Skills Workshop

The University will conduct a financial literacy and life skills workshop for a minimum of five hours at the beginning of a student-athlete’s first and third academic years. The workshop will, at a minimum, include information concerning financial aid, debt management, and a recommended budget for full and partial grant-in-aid student-athletes based on the cost of attendance for the current academic year. The workshop will also include information on time management skills necessary for success as a student-athlete and available academic resources.

The workshop shall not include any marketing, advertising, referral, or solicitation by providers of financial products or services.

Additional Information

Student-athletes, boosters, businesses, and other potential third-party members who have any questions regarding the use of a student-athlete’s NIL should review the NIL FAQs or contact McNeese Athletics Compliance (see Athletics Directory).


This policy is distributed via the University Policies webpage and through routine communication with student-athletes by the McNeese Athletics Compliance staff.