Athletic Engagement Committee

Authority: Student Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: N/A

The Athletic Engagement Committee (AEC) fosters student attendance and engagement with McNeese sports programs. This is done through programs, activities, and initiatives that promote a student connection to sporting events. The AEC also bridges the divide between student-athletes and their peers in the student community. The committee’s work is funded through an annual allocation from the student self-assessed athletic fee. The committee is comprised as follows:

  • 1 SGA Senator or Representative
  • 2 student-at-large members not on an active intercollegiate athletic team roster
  • 2 student-athletes on active intercollegiate athletic team rosters – one fall sport and one spring sport athlete
  • 1 full-time University faculty or staff member
  • 1 full-time unclassified University employee from the Office of Student Services
  • 1 full-time unclassified athletics employee
  • Director of athletics or appointee