Videography and Photography Policy

Authority: President
Date Enacted or Revised: September 30, 2004; Revised January 5, 2016; March 18, 2022; April 25, 2023

Requests for permission to shoot still photography or video for commercial use will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests must be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the requested production dates to the Office of Marketing and Communications. In reviewing requests, the University will consider the implications of the request on the freedom of movement and protected right of privacy of students and employees; interruptions of parking and traffic flow; heightened security costs; increased physical plant operations costs; safety of students, employees and visitors; and disruptions to the normal course of business and class schedules. University Police is solely responsible for providing security at all events and activities that take place on any University property. In addition to a security deposit and insurance requirements, the University may also assess a facility rental fee and submit an estimate for the University’s personnel cost for providing required security and facility access. The University reserves the right to review all final scripts, videos, photos, and other forms of advertising or commercial projects prior to release.


This policy is distributed via the University Policies webpage.