University Volunteer Policy

Authority: Business Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted September 29, 2015; Revised March 18, 2022; October 28, 2022


To define University volunteers, their relationship to the University, their privileges, responsibilities, and limitations, and to establish associated procedures. 


A University volunteer for the purposes of this policy is an individual who has volunteered to perform certain services for the University for no compensation and has been pre-approved in writing by the University to perform the voluntary services. University volunteers are not considered employees and must not represent themselves as University employees. University volunteers are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act and are not eligible for University benefits.

Privileges and Responsibilities

Voluntary service establishes the University volunteer as an important resource to McNeese State University. Even though uncompensated, University volunteers are expected to abide by all University policies and procedures relating to their voluntary activities.

Volunteers must be appropriately registered and processed by the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment before they can be formally recognized as a University volunteer. A department wishing to use a University volunteer must complete and sign, and have the volunteer sign, the McNeese State University Volunteer Agreement and Identification Form. The form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment. If a volunteer is not appropriately registered and processed with the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment, the University may be disqualified from having liability and other important insurance coverage. Depending on the nature and sensitivity of the task, a volunteer may be subject to a background check before they are recognized a University volunteer.


Monetary or non-monetary compensation to a volunteer is not allowed. University departments may reimburse appropriately processed University volunteers for pre-approved and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses arising from their assigned tasks. Departments must fully comply with University reimbursement policies and procedures to reimburse University volunteers.

Prohibited Activities

University volunteers may not participate in the following activities:

  • Operating vehicles, (including golf carts) except with the express permission of an authorized University official;
  • Operating heavy equipment or other equipment that may cause serious injury;
  • Working with or exposure to hazardous materials or hazardous duties;
  • Entering into any contract or other commitment on behalf of the University; or
  • Participating in any activity inconsistent with University policies.


  1. When selecting a volunteer, the department or unit is responsible for ensuring the following:
    1. The volunteer has adequate experience, qualifications, and training for the task being assigned;
    2. The volunteer has been provided with a written description of duties and responsibilities;
    3. Volunteer contact information has been obtained and documented; and
    4. The volunteer has been provided with an appropriate orientation prior to commencing services, including such matters as University policies and procedures, safety precautions, etc., relating to the services to be provided.
  2. University departments must complete, sign, and date, and have volunteers sign and date, the following forms and submit the forms to the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment for registration and processing prior to volunteer activities:
    1. McNeese State University Volunteer Agreement and Release Form, including a description of activities to be performed as described in 1b; and
    2. McNeese State University Volunteer Identification Form as described in 1c.


A University volunteer’s term of service may be terminated at any time and without prior notice.


This policy is distributed via the University Policies webpage.