Credit Card and Consumer Solicitation Policy

Authority: Student Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: Revised October 2008; January 2016; March 17, 2022


McNeese State University’s core value of student success motivates the University to regulate promotion and solicitation of credit cards and related consumer financial instruments and services on the campus and at institutionally sponsored events, programs, and activities. The University’s interest in this regard is to protect the campus environment from marketing, sales, and promotional activities lacking institutional approval and oversight, to protect the campus community from predatory lending practices, and to aid students in making financially responsible decisions regarding personal credit and related financial issues.


Credit card and related consumer credit promotions and solicitations to McNeese students are prohibited in the following venues and through the following methods:

  1. Mass telephone, email, or mail marketing using the University’s official student and employee directory;
  2. Door-to-door promotions of credit applications in residence halls and apartments or on other property owned or controlled by the University and its affiliated interests;
  3. Promotional push cards and applications for credit distributed at points of retail sale of products and services on the campus or at events and activities occurring on University-controlled premises of any kind;
  4. Promotional posters, brochures, tear-off application forms, and related print materials of any kind posted or distributed in any fashion on the campus, with the exception of the McNeese Alumni Center;
  5. Individual promotion of credit card products and services within University-owned or controlled facilities or premises, with the exception of the McNeese Alumni Center; and
  6. Other venues and methods otherwise not described in this policy.

The only circumstances under which the University facilitates credit card and related consumer credit promotional activities on the campus or at institutionally controlled activities or events are as follows:

  1. Special student programs under the sponsorship and supervision of the Office of Student Services, such as welcome back events at the beginning of academic terms or years (limited to local financial institutions operating under FDIC and/or FAIC regulations with at least one full-service branch operating within Calcasieu Parish; limited to once per academic term);
  2. Special promotions offered directly on campus under the supervision of the McNeese State University Alumni Association (the University’s official affinity credit card; limited to once per academic term); and
  3. Advertisements in student publications officially sanctioned by the University and athletic venues (limited to financial institutions with official corporate sponsorship agreements with the University and its affiliates such as the Alumni Association, Division of Athletics, Student Government Association, Student Life Coalition, and academic departments).

Questions regarding enforcement of this policy should be directed to the Office of Student Services.


This policy is distributed via the Administrative Advisory Council and the University Policies webpage.