Premium Pay Policy for University Police

Authority: Student Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: June 6, 2012; Revised February 2016; September 2018; March 16, 2022


The purpose of this policy is to provide information regarding premium pay for University police officers.

Policy Statement

To compensate police officers who perform extraordinary/hazardous duties which are above and beyond their normal scope of duties. This special pay rate will not be included in base pay calculations. 

This policy is subject to and has the approval of the Civil Service Commission, is in accordance with Civil Service Rule 6.16 (a), and is subject to market conditions/pay rates for the surrounding areas. This policy is not intended to create any property rights. The University may re-assess “need” and the allocation of funding resources at any time and may rescind or change the amount given at any time. Sufficient notice must be provided to the employee and notification must be sent to the Civil Service Commission of any changes in the amount paid.

Applicability and Scope

University Police for the following personnel in position titles:

  • Police Officer 2-A;
  • Police Sergeant-A; and
  • Police Lieutenant-A.

Premium pay will be granted and is approved for the following events:

  • Homecoming week activities;
  • Graduation ceremonies;
  • Home football games; and
  • Facilities use agreement events.

Rate of Premium Pay

The premium pay rate is flexible up to $17.31 per hour to ensure that the employee is paid $31.50 per hour for hours worked during these events. The maximum pay issued to employees for working these specific events will be $31.50 per hour for hours worked.


A request for premium pay will be submitted to payroll bi-weekly for any event worked during the pay period. The request for premium pay is a standard form that will contain:

  • Date worked;
  • Times worked;
  • Total hours worked; and
  • Name and/or description of the event.


This policy is distributed via the University Policies webpage and posted in the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment for public view in accordance with civil service guidelines.