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Pre-Employment Background Investigation Policy

Authority: Business Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted February, 2016


The purpose of this policy is to provide policy and procedure information concerning pre-employment background investigations.


An official pre-employment, criminal history Background Investigation is a University required component of the HIRING process.
All new full-time and part-time classified and unclassified hires at the university, including Teaching Graduate Assistants, are required to provide information through a website portal to begin the background investigation.  Any other position, whether full time or part time, student or non-student, where there is interaction with students or minors may also require a criminal history Background Investigation.
Current regular employees are exempt from this process with the following exceptions:  
1) When an employee terminates employment with the University for any amount of time and is being rehired into a regular position, a background investigation must be completed regardless of whether an investigation was done previously. 
2)  Current employees transferred, promoted, or reassigned or that have disclosed a conviction may be required to complete a background investigation if the background investigation was not completed in a previous role.        


The University of Louisiana System and McNeese State University authorize General Information Services, Inc. to conduct the pre-employment criminal history Background Investigation process. This criminal history Background Investigation process consists of the following components in a standard package:
• Social Security Number Trace
• County/Parish Criminal History Search/Misdemeanor/Felony Convictions
• State Sex Offender Search
• Office of Foreign Assets Control Search
• Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Search
In addition, a Credit Report Check is required for all cash handling positions. Any Adverse Action notices required by law will be prepared by General Information Services and issued by the Director of Human Resources and Student Employment.
All background investigations are processed in the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment through email invitation to the top candidate for a position.  The candidate has 72 hours to reply to the email invitation and submit the required information to process the investigation. 
The Human Resources and Student Employment Director receives all pass or fail results, electronically, from General Information Services and informs appropriate university personnel.
A written offer of employment may not be made until Background Investigation is complete.
All personal information provided by applicants is filed and stored electronically in General Information Services secure database.  All information is confidential and protected in Human Resources and Student Employment.


This communication is distributed through the Academic Advisory Council, the Administrative Advisory Council, the University Listserv, the University Policy Page, the Hiring Plans and through routine communication between departments.