Placement of Printed Materials on Campus Policy

Authority: Student Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: Revised April 2006; February 2016; May 15, 2019; March 18, 2022

To ensure that McNeese State University maintains an attractive campus appearance and protects the rights of all campus organizations and individuals as well as University property, the following rules relating to the posting of all printed materials (papers, signs, posters, and banners of any type) on campus are to be observed:

  1. Printed materials may be placed on authorized surfaces such as bulletin boards and easels in University buildings.  The maximum size for such materials is 12″ x 17″ (210 sq. in.), and one announcement per event is allowed per bulletin board/easel, where available.
  2. Printed materials may not be placed on brick, glass, or wall surfaces, as well as on doors, fences, sidewalks, trash receptacles, light poles, or trees.
  3. The placement of any banners (anything larger than 12″ x 17″) on campus must have prior written approval by the University’s designated responsible party.
  4. Printed materials posted on unauthorized surfaces will be removed immediately. The custodial and grounds staff, or any other approved University staff member, may remove expired information as necessary.
  5. Student election campaign materials are also subject to the Student Government Association Constitution and bylaws. Allowances are made prior to elections in the Student Union areas only. All postings must comply with all other components of this policy.
  6. The University reserves the right to remove any printed materials that have become damaged, are not posted properly, or are not posted on an authorized surface.
  7. No advertising for private business will be allowed unless authorized under guidelines established under University of Louisiana System (ULS) Board Policy and Procedures Memorandum FB-IV.VI-1.
  8. Non-University-related or sponsored event notices or posters that are allowed to be posted should contain a statement of non-endorsement and non-guarantee of service or product by the University. Student postings express the views of the students, not the University, unless otherwise indicated.
  9. Flyers on automobiles will not be allowed, and violators will be asked to remove this material or pay the labor cost associated with removing these materials.
  10. Departmental bulletin boards shall be maintained by the department or building coordinator and shall comply with #8 above.
  11. All items that are hung in designated areas shall be done so in a manner considered temporary and non-destructive.  No clear tape, duct tape, or staples shall be used. Using push pins, tacks, or mounting putty must be approved by the building coordinator and may be allowed for mounting purposes. Any substance that may damage the surface to which it is being mounted is strictly prohibited.
  12. Flyers posted on bulletin boards and other approved areas of campus may be approved for posting for up to 30 calendar days. Any renewal or other extension beyond 30 calendar days requires the written approval of the appropriate building coordinator.
  13. Up to ten flyers may be approved for posting on bulletin boards and other approved areas of campus. Posting of additional flyers is granted by the dean of student services.

At any time, campus postings within all buildings may be reviewed for appropriateness with regard to time and content by the affected building coordinators and/or appropriate campus administrators and may be removed if the postings have expired or are otherwise not in compliance with this policy.


This policy is distributed via the University Policies webpage.