Travel Expenses

Authority: Business Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: August 3, 2011

Note:Current policy and procedure concerning travel regulations must be followed.  Updated regulations are available through the Accounting Department.
Requests for travel should be received in the Accounting Department at least 1 week prior to the scheduled date of departure.  Travel advances are generally allowed only for “team” travel and must be picked up in person at the Accounting Department.
The State of Louisiana currently contracts with a travel agency to provide travel-related services.  It is mandatory that all airline reservations be made through the state’s contractor.  If a lower rate can be obtained than the contractor can provide, a travel exception approval must be secured from the state travel office in Baton Rouge prior to booking any airline reservation.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Accounting Office.
State travelers have the option of booking all in-state hotel/motel reservations themselves or they may elect to use the contracted travel agencies.
Out-of-state lodging and vehicle rentals are to be handled through the contracted travel agencies.  Some additional restrictions apply to the rental of vehicles.
Travel Expense Accounts
A travel expense account must be filed upon completion of travel unless the only expense incurred is the usage of a University automobile, in which case, the Accounting Office should be notified in writing.
All claims for reimbursement for travel shall be submitted on State Form BA-12 (which can usually be obtained from the departmental secretary) and shall include all details provided for on the form.  All receipts for lodging, taxi, rental vehicles, parking, tolls, airfare, etc. must be attached.  If travel is for a conference or convention, a program agenda must be attached.
Claims should be submitted within the month following travel.

Complimentary admission, registration, lodging and/or transportation must be reported on the Complimentary Admission, Registration, Lodging, and/or Transportation Request Form when the Travel Request Form is submitted.