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Parking Permit Policy

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Authority: Student Affairs

Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted May, 2016


McNeese State University seeks to have parking available and promote parking policies to support the parking demands of the campus community and utilize available space effectively.  McNeese expects students and employees to be familiar with and abide by parking rules and regulations related to operating a vehicle on campus and using parking lots, parking structures, or restricted areas on campus. Accessible parking areas reserved for individuals with disabilities are marked by signs and/or pavement marking incorporating the international disability access symbol.  Obstructing access to a parking area reserved for individuals with disabilities is prohibited and only vehicles authorized with the appropriate permit are authorized to park in such spaces.  Complete parking regulations are found at the following link:

Vehicle Registration Permit Required

Each vehicle must have a McNeese State University parking permit appropriately displayed in order to park on campus.  Persons operating motor vehicles on campus are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations governing parking and traffic.   All faculty, staff, employees, and students who operate vehicles on the campus must register their vehicles and properly affix an official university vehicle registration permit in order to park on campus.  Visiting Lecturers may purchase a parking permit only for the semester of appointment and may not purchase permits for multiple semesters.  Persons parking on campus must park in appropriately designated parking spaces.

Visitor Parking Requires Temporary Permit

Visitors who wish to park on campus must obtain a temporary parking pass from University Police.  Visitors are entitled to the use of all parking areas and zones except specially designated service vehicles. Visitors are NOT allowed to park in the Student Parking Garage at any time.
Vehicles brought on campus by students, faculty members, staff personnel, or employees are not eligible for classification as a “visitor vehicle” under any circumstances.
Large groups such as conventions, conferences, etc., who anticipate visiting the campus are required to make advance special parking arrangements with the University Police Department, call 337-475-5711 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

Liability for Protection of Motor Vehicles

McNeese State University, its officers and employees shall have no liability for the care and/or protection of any motor vehicle or its contents at any time while it is being operated or parked on the campus.  Thefts or damages that occur should be reported to the University Police Department.

Enforcement of Parking Rules and Regulations

McNeese State University Police are authorized to enforce parking and traffic regulations.


This policy is communicated via University Policy Page, Academic Advisory Council, and Senior Staff.