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Everyone at McNeese is responsible for contributing to the assessment process. The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) coordinates the assessment process and communicates results to the campus on an ongoing basis. Assessment begins with faculty and staff determining the goals and objectives of their units and academic programs. Academic program coordinators, department heads, and supervisors must oversee the assessment process and ensure that reports are submitted in a timely manner. Assessment reports will be reviewed and approved by everyone in the division up to and including the respective vice president. These individuals must also act on reasonable recommendations provided in these assessment reports in an effort toward continuous improvement.

Academic Program Assessment

Academic program assessment requires faculty to determine appropriate student learning outcomes at the program and course levels. Individual assignments and exams that demonstrate student learning are examples of appropriate academic assessments. End of term course grades are not appropriate assessments of student learning. Faculty should keep assessment data and student artifacts for a period of at least three years. At the end of each semester, faculty should submit student learning data to the academic program coordinator and department head for inclusion in the assessment report. Programs that are offered both face-to-face and through distance learning should disaggregate all assessment data between students in the face-to-face program and students in the online program.

Annual academic program assessment reports should be completed in the Xitracs Portal the Friday before Spring commencement exercises. Upon review and approval by all department heads, deans, and the provost and vice president for academic affairs and enrollment management, IRE will post the reports on this web page.

Unit Assessment

Unit assessment requires academic department heads and unit heads to determine appropriate performance objectives. These objectives should relate directly to the institutional mission as well as the mission of the respective unit.

Annual unit assessment reports for both academic and non-academic units for the previous year should be completed in the Xitracs Portal by July 15. Upon review and approval by the appropriate supervisor(s) and vice president, IRE will post the reports on this web page.

Instructions for Xitracs

Please refer to the Xitracs Portal Instructions when updating your assessment report. Should you have questions or need assistance, please contact Wesley LeJeune at

Completed Assessment Reports

The tables below include the assessment reports that have been completed, beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year.

Academic Programs

Academic Program2017-20182018-20192019-20202020-2021
Academically Gifted Education, GCPDFPDF
Accounting, BSPDF
Agricultural Sciences, BSPDF
Applied Behavior Analysis, GCPDF
Biological Science, BSPDFPDF
Business Administration, MBAPDF
Chemistry, BSPDFPDF
Computer Science, BSPDFPDF
Creative Writing, MFA PDF
Criminal Justice, BSPDFPDFPDF
Criminal Justice, MSPDFPDFPDF
Curriculum and Instruction, MEdPDFPDF
Early Childhood Education Grades PK-3, BSPDFPDF
Early Childhood Education Grades PK-3, PBCPDFTerminated
Educational Leadership, EdSPDFPDFTerminated
Educational Leadership, MEdPDFPDFTerminated
Educational Technology Leadership, MEdPDFPDFTerminated
Elementary Education Grades 1-5, BSPDFPDF
Elementary Education Grades 1-5, MATPDFPDF
Elementary Education Grades 1-5, PBCPDFPDF
Engineering, BSPDFPDF
Engineering, MEngPDFPDF
Environmental and Chemical Sciences (BIOL), MS
Environmental and Chemical Sciences (CHPH), MSPDFPDF
Environmental and Chemical Sciences (DSAS), MS
Finance, BSPDF
General Business Administration, BSPDF
General Studies, AGSPDF
General Studies, BGSPDFPDF
Health and Human Performance, MSPDFPDF
Health and Human Performance, General, BSPDFPDF
Health and Physical Education Grades K-12, BSPDFPDF
Health Systems Management, BSPDFPDF
Instructional Technology, MSPDFPDF
Liberal Studies, BAPDFPDF
Management (Online), BSPDF
Management, BSPDF
Marketing, BSPDF
Mass Communication, BSPDFPDF
Mathematical Sciences, BSPDFPDF
Mathematical Sciences, MSPDFPDF
Medical Laboratory Science, BSPDFPDFPDF
Middle School Education Grades 4-8, PBCPDFPDF
Multiple Levels Grades K-12, PBCPDFPDF
Music, BMPDF
Natural Resource Conservation Management, BSPDF
Political Science, BAPDFPDFPDF
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, PMCPDFPDF
Psychology, BSPDFPDF
Radiologic Sciences, BSPDFPDFPDF
School Counseling, MEdPDFPDF
School Librarian, PBCPDFPDF
Secondary Education Grades 6-12, MATPDFPDF
Secondary Education Grades 6-12, PBCPDFPDF
Special Education Mild/Moderate for Elementary Education Grades 1-5, PBCPDFPDF
Strategic Corporate Communication, PBC

Academic and Student Support Services

Support Service2017-20182018-20192019-20202020-2021
Academic Computing and Learning CenterPDFPDF
Career and Student Development CenterPDFPDFPDF
Frazar Memorial LibraryPDFPDFPDF
Honors CollegePDFPDF
Office of Admissions and RecruitingPDFPDFPDF
Office of Accessibility ServicesPDFPDFPDF
Office of Electronic LearningPDFPDF
Office of Financial AidPDFPDFPDF
Office of Freshman AdvisingPDFPDFPDF
Office of International ProgramsPDFPDF
Office of Intramural and Recreational ServicesPDFPDFPDF
Office of the RegistrarPDFPDFPDF
Office of Research Services and Sponsored ProgramsPDF
Office of ScholarshipsPDFPDF
Office of Student ServicesPDFPDFPDF
Office of Student Teaching and Professional Education Services
Office of Testing ServicesPDFPDF
Student CentralPDFPDF
Student Health ServicesPDFPDFPDF
University Police and Information CenterPDF
Write to Excellence CenterPDFPDFPDF

Administrative Units

Administrative Unit2017-20182018-20192019-20202020-2021
Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management ProgramPDFPDF
Burton College of EducationPDFPDFPDF
College of Agricultural Sciences
College of Business
College of Engineering and Computer SciencePDF
College of Liberal ArtsPDFPDF
College of Nursing and Health ProfessionsPDFPDF
College of Science and Agriculture
College of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
Department of Accounting, Finance, and EconomicsPDF
Department of BiologyPDFPDF
Department of Chemical, Civil, and Mechanical EngineeringPDFPDF
Department of Chemistry and PhysicsPDFPDF
Department of Education Professions/Graduate Education ProgramsPDFPDF
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer SciencePDFPDF
Department of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of English and Foreign LanguagesPDFPDFPDF
Department of Graduate NursingPDFPDF
Department of HistoryPDFPDF
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Department of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration
Department of Mass CommunicationPDFPDF
Department of Mathematical SciencesPDFPDFPDF
Department of PsychologyPDFPDF
Department of Radiologic and Medical Laboratory SciencePDFPDFPDF
Department of Social SciencesPDFPDFPDF
Department of Undergraduate NursingPDFPDF
Department of Visual ArtsPDFPDFPDF
H.C. Drew School of Health and Human PerformancePDFPDF
Harold and Pearl Dripps School of Agricultural SciencesPDFPDF
Office of Academic Affairs and Enrollment ManagementPDFPDF
Office of Administrative AccountingPDF
Office of Alumni AffairsPDFPDFPDF
Office of AthleticsPDFPDFPDF
Office of Business AffairsPDFPDF
Office of Enrollment ManagementPDFPDFPDF
Office of Facilities and Plant OperationsPDF
Office of Human Resources and Student EmploymentPDFPDF
Office of Inclusive ExcellencePDFPDF
Office of Information Technology (includes KBYS, TASC, and UCS)PDFPDFPDF
Office of Institutional Research and EffectivenessPDFPDFPDFPDF
Office of Internal AuditPDFPDFPDF
Office of Marketing and LicensingPDF
Office of Public Relations and University Events
Office of Purchasing and Property ControlPDFPDFPDF
Office of Student AffairsPDFPDF
Office of University AdvancementPDFPDFPDF
University Bookstore and Post OfficePDFPDFPDF
W.A. and Dorothy Hanna Department of Performing ArtsPDFPDF
William J. Doré, Sr. School of Graduate StudiesPDFPDF

Community/Public Services

Community/Public Service2017-20182018-20192019-20202020-2021
Banners Cultural SeriesPDFPDFPDF
Center for Advancement of Quality Education
Institute for Industry-Education Collaboration (IIEC)PDF
Kay Doré Counseling Clinic
Leisure LearningPDFPDFPDF
Louisiana Small Business Development CenterPDFPDF
Office of Community Services and Outreach