Wesley Lejeune Picture

Wesley LeJeune
Executive Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Phone: (337) 475-5591
Email: wlejeune1@mcneese.edu

BS, MS, McNeese State University
Joined IRE January 2016

  • SACSCOC institutional accreditation liaison
  • Programmatic accreditation support
  • Academic program, unit, and general education assessment
  • Institutional review and strategic planning
  • Curriculum and course development
  • Academic catalog
  • University policies
  • Ad hoc requests

Dane OBlanc picture

Dane A. O’Blanc
Director of Institutional Research

Phone: (337) 475-5080
Email: doblanc@mcneese.edu

BS, MBA, McNeese State University
Graduate Certificate, UC San Diego Extension
Joined IRE May 2006

  • State reporting
  • Federal reporting
  • IRE website
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • University Factbook
  • Professional licensure
  • Ad hoc requests

Renella Martin picture

Renella Martin
Assistant Director of Institutional Research

Phone: (337) 475-5509
Email: rmartin1@mcneese.edu

AS, SOWELA Technical Community College
Joined IRE December 2018

  • State reporting
  • Federal reporting
  • Faculty workloads
  • Budget
  • Ad hoc requests

Tonya Laughlin picture

Tonya Laughlin
Coordinator of Surveys and Data Collection

Phone: (337) 475-5510
Email: tlaughlin@mcneese.edu

AS, SOWELA Technical Community College
Joined IRE December 2003

  • Class Climate System and related surveys and assessments
  • Survey development
  • Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) process and report creation
  • Institution-wide peer review process
  • IRE website
  • University Factbook
  • Ad hoc requests

Kathleen (Kay) Dougay
Special Projects Analyst

Phone: (337) 475-5077
Email: kdougay@mcneese.edu

BS, McNeese State University
Joined IRE 1982

  • Special projects
  • Faculty credentialing
  • SACSCOC compliance support

Student Workers

Riley Daboval

Riley is from Lake Arthur, LA, and is studying Radiologic Sciences.

Our Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at McNeese State University is dedicated to advancing the University’s mission of academic excellence, student success, and community engagement through data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. As a cornerstone of our institution, we pledge to foster a culture of evidence-based practices, transparency, and accountability that empowers stakeholders at all levels. 

Our mission is threefold: 

  1. Data Integrity and Analysis: We commit to collecting, maintaining, and reporting accurate and reliable institutional data. Through rigorous analysis and interpretation, we provide actionable insights that inform strategic planning, policy development, and resource allocation. Our goal is to support evidence-based decision-making that aligns with the University’s core values and goals. 
  1. Student-Centered Focus: We prioritize enhancing student success and engagement by examining the entire student lifecycle. By analyzing enrollment patterns, retention rates, graduation rates, and learning outcomes, we identify areas for improvement and innovation. This allows us to collaborate with academic and administrative units to implement effective interventions and support systems that maximize student achievement. 
  1. Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to cultivating a culture of continuous improvement across all aspects of the University. Through ongoing assessment and evaluation of academic programs, administrative processes, and institutional effectiveness, we enable the University to adapt to changing needs and challenges. By providing evidence of our successes and opportunities for growth, we contribute to the University’s pursuit of excellence. 

Our commitment to the University community encompasses: 

  • Collaboration: We collaborate with faculty, staff, administrators, and students to ensure that our data and insights address their needs and contribute to their goals. By fostering open dialogue and cooperation, we promote a collective commitment to institutional advancement. 
  • Innovation: We seek innovative approaches to data collection, analysis, and reporting. By staying current with best practices in institutional research, assessment, and technology, we continuously enhance our capabilities to provide relevant and timely information. 
  • Transparency: We uphold transparency by providing accessible and understandable information to internal and external stakeholders. We ensure that our findings, reports, and recommendations are communicated effectively to support informed decision-making and build trust within the University community. 
  • Ethical Practice: We adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in our data collection, analysis, and reporting. We prioritize privacy, confidentiality, and responsible use of data to protect the rights and interests of individuals and the institution. 

In all our endeavors, the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness remains dedicated to empowering McNeese State University to fulfill its educational mission. Through our commitment to data-driven excellence, we contribute to shaping a vibrant and responsive University community that thrives in an ever-evolving higher education landscape. 

Our Commitment

IRE adheres to the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice established by the Association for Institutional Research and SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation 1.1 (Integrity). These documents guide our professional practice and outline our professional values, which include a commitment to continuing education; objectivity; fairness; confidentiality; and, above all, integrity. Our Office strives to be an objective, trusted resource for all campus constituents. See also our statement on Survey Administration.

IRE Organizational Chart

IRE Organizational Chart September 2023