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The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at McNeese State University is dedicated to advancing the University’s mission of academic excellence, student success, and community engagement through data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. As a cornerstone of our institution, we pledge to foster a culture of evidence-based practices, transparency, and accountability that empowers stakeholders at all levels.

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Functions & Services

IRE administers the academic program review process, provides support and information for academic departments under review, and facilitates the continuous improvement decisions and actions that result from the review process.

IRE develops and maintains processes and information to assist with ongoing compliance with institutional and programmatic accreditation standards.

IRE develops analytics for executive leadership, colleges, and administrative units to support planning and decision-making.

IRE administers the assessment process for academic programs, administrative units, and general education to support a culture of continuous improvement.

IRE administers the tools and processes to support academic program development.

IRE coordinates institutional survey efforts.

IRE coordinates the general education assessment process, including annual submission and analysis of artifacts and data, to ensure achievement of institutional student learning outcomes.

IRE serves as the clearinghouse for institutional reporting, both mandatory and non-mandatory, and disseminates facts and figures to the university community.

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