The curricula for programs leading to professional licensure at McNeese State University are designed to meet Louisiana’s licensure/certification requirements and to prepare students to apply for licensure exams in the State of Louisiana. Each state’s licensure boards are responsible for establishing the requirements for professional licensure/certification in their respective states.  

Please see this document for state licensure information for all applicable academic programs at McNeese.  

Students should review the specific academic requirements for the program in which they are enrolling, including those related to practicum/internship as well as pre-qualifications for licensure such as the need for a criminal background check. We recommend students contact the licensure board(s) in their state of residence or in the state where they intend to obtain a license before beginning an academic program that results in licensure and prior to beginning any internship/practicum.   

McNeese State University recognizes the state of the most recently entered mailing address in its student information system as a student’s state for professional licensure notification purposes. It is the student’s responsibility to update their address with Student Central or through Banner Self-Service immediately if an address change occurs. See Student Location for Licensure Notification Policy.