LaCarte Procurement Card (P-Card)

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The LaCarte purchasing card is a Visa card issued by the Bank of America for the State of Louisiana. It is a tool used to manage purchasing and accounting by enabling employees to purchase items with the convenience of a credit card while maintaining control over those purchases. All program participants are required to complete annual training and certification. To apply for or obtain information about the procurement card, contact the purchasing office.

University purchases are exempt from Louisiana sales tax. 

The LaCarte card has the state tax exemption number printed on it, however some vendors require a separate number. The following stores require a separate number:

  • Lowe’s – 105400005
  • Wal-Mart – 192118
  • Office Depot – 24804071 (must first set up profile at Office Depot before using card)
  • Home Depot – 5511616 (if asked when making a purchase, the buyer should not refer to McNeese; the account name is under the state of Louisiana)
  • Best Buy – 3008158452

If the cardholder gets charged tax, the cardholder is responsible to obtain the tax credit.

An itemized receipt must be obtained for all purchases and logged on p-card log sheet.

Program participants are required to complete monthly reconciliation and submission of documentation in the states Works system.

The Purchase P-Card MAY NOT BE USED for the following purchases:

  • Taxes
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cash advances, cash instruments, gift cards/gift certificates, cash refunds
  • Consultants or speaker’s fees/honorariums or any Professional Services
  • Controlled substances (prescription drugs, narcotics, etc.)
  • Entertainment costs – ski tickets, tours, etc.
  • Food & Meals
  • Personal purchases, must be used for state business only
  • Travel (gas stations, lodging, restaurants, airline tickets, etc.)  
  • Telecommunication items such as telephones, radios, etc.
  • Sam’s Club purchases
  • State Contract purchases – State contract purchases need to be made in the Purchase Order system.
  • Advertisements
  • Equipment (movable property) – need to be made in the Purchase Order system