State of the University Report


JULY 1, 2017–JUNE 30, 2024

A Message from Dr. Daryl V. Burckel:

Serving and leading McNeese as President for the past seven years have been an honor and privilege. As I prepare to transition from President of this esteemed University, I cannot help but reflect on our incredible journey together. We have celebrated impressive achievements by students, faculty, staff, and alumni, national recognition of our academic programs, and the significant growth of community support and investment in our University.

We persevered together through a global pandemic, the devastation of two back-to-back hurricanes, and other unprecedented weather disasters, and we never lost sight of why we are here — to change lives. The mission we defined seven years ago still holds true today.

There is no doubt these catastrophic events had a significant impact on our campus infrastructure and our student population. However, it allowed us to envision a renewed McNeese and our $145 million in current campus infrastructure improvements will transform the campus into the foreseeable future. Furthermore, the hard budget decisions we had to make related to a smaller enrollment following the natural disasters have paid off, and we will close the current fiscal year with a budget surplus, two years ahead of schedule.

Over my seven-year tenure, it is undeniable that McNeese faculty and staff are invested in our students and committed to living our motto of providing “Excellence with a Personal Touch!” I am proud of the work of our faculty and staff to create a student-centric culture, starting with our engagement with prospective students.

The dedication of our academic faculty and staff to their profession, our mission, and the students we serve ensures our graduates leave McNeese prepared to make a life, make a living, and make a difference in their families, careers, and communities.

Also, the dedicated work of our support staff in all other areas of our University provides our students with the support and environment conducive to a high-quality educational experience.

Our University is part of the fabric of Southwest Louisiana, and during the past seven years, we have been intentional in nurturing and strengthening the bonds between the University and our regional stakeholders.

We have accomplished much, but the work cannot stop. Continuously advancing McNeese, making it adaptable and sustainable for the future, ensuring academic programs have value, fostering the student-centric culture, and engaging with the community we serve remain the long-term goals.

Today, McNeese is well-positioned to provide the highest level of academic experiences and student services, meet the future employment needs of our region, and continuously improve the quality of life in Southwest Louisiana.

I am forever grateful for the support of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, stakeholders, and my family who made my time as President of this great University both rewarding and fulfilling.

Geaux Pokes!