Mission and Vision

The McNeese Mission is to Change Lives and our vision is to be the First Choice for any student in Calcasieu Parish and Southwest Louisiana who desires a university education. We recognize that in order to achieve this vision we must focus on the student experience.  From the time students consider McNeese to the time they begin their first career after graduation, the student experience must be closely evaluated and purposefully influenced.  Whether in the classroom, extracurricular activities, advising, mentoring, or through customer service across the campus, we must understand the importance of the student experience and how it affects recruitment, retention, and student success. In all performance areas, our unifying goal is to revise and adapt the student experience in ways that will make our graduates successful and our university successful.

We aspire to be the heart and soul of our community, completely integrated into the fabric of our five-parish area and contributing to the economic prosperity and quality of life. Our desire is that our students will be equipped with the competencies and capacities for serving the public, contributing to the common good, and fulfilling their individual passion. Our aim is to graduate students with exemplary academic and professional skills, who are prepared to make a life, make a living, and make a difference in their communities.

We want our faculty and staff to be inspired to come to work and feel valued and fulfilled each day knowing they have contributed to something greater than themselves. Raising the stature of our university through market-driven academic programs, a student-centric culture and delivery on our brand promise of providing excellence with a personal touch is our goal and aspiration.

Dr. Daryl V. Burckel