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Seeking and Holding Public Office

Authority: President
Date Enacted or Revised: Revised October 2015

In accordance with the University of Louisiana System policy for faculty and staff seeking and holding public office (Part Two, Chapter III, Section VIII) employees of McNeese State University have the constitutional right to seek and hold public office providing that they:

  1. notify the President in writing prior to date of qualification;
  2. continue a normal workload including teaching, conducting office hours, and all other assigned duties; if the employee is unable to continue a normal workload, annual leave or leave without pay may be requested for the appropriate period of time, in accordance with the leave rules of the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors;
  3. be accurate in their statements and make every effort to indicate they are not spokespersons for the institution.

This policy is communicated through the University Policy Page, Academic Advisory Council, and Administrative Advisory Council.