Office of Public Relations and University Events

Authority: President
Date Enacted or Revised: Enacted February 22, 2016; Revised March 15, 2022

The Office of Public Relations and University Events (OPRUE) is the official liaison between the University and local, regional, state, and national print and broadcast media, and all requests for media coverage for University-related activities are handled by this office. News releases, photographs, and public service announcements are released by OPRUE. OPRUE also provides communications services to the McNeese Foundation and McNeese Alumni Association.

OPRUE is the primary contact point for the approval, scheduling, and planning of all University events. Any person or organization planning an event that will occur on McNeese premises and/or utilize McNeese equipment or facilities must obtain approval in advance from OPRUE and must also comply with the Facilities Use Policy. Louisiana state law prohibits the use of state equipment and facilities for personal, personal business, or other private benefit. While it is the responsibility of supervisors to oversee and monitor use of state resources, it is the responsibility of each person employed by the University to adhere to state law and McNeese policies.

The Office of Public Relations and University Events also facilitates communication and delivers information to internal constituencies through internal publications and printed materials.

As a member of the Web Design Task Force, OPRUE collaborates with and provides assistance to the Office of University Marketing and Licensing and the Office of Information Technology to ensure the accuracy of University-related internet sites and webpages.

To ensure that all written and visual promotional materials, publications, and advertising are clear, factually correct, current, and consistent in describing the University, adhere to principals of good educational practice, accurately report the University’s equal opportunity, access policies, accreditation status and trademark agreements, OPRUE, in conjunction with the Office of University Marketing and Licensing, has been designated as the clearinghouse for all University publications and video productions.


This policy is distributed via the University Policies webpage.