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Hazing Policy

Hazing Policy

Business Affairs and University Services
Date enacted or revised: 
Revised January 11, 2016

This policy is intended to provide information to students and staff regarding Hazing, an activity prohibited by the University and by State Law.


Hazing is defined in this policy as any activity sponsored by or any method of initiation into a group, team or organization which is likely to cause, or does cause mental or physical discomfort or embarrassment, or places any person into a demeaning or physically dangerous situation.


The University prohibits any form of hazing.  Hazing in state colleges and universities is a violation of the law and is punishable by a fine or imprisonment (Louisiana Revised Statute 17: 1801) as well as by dismissal from the University. Hazing is also a violation of the MSU Code of Student Conduct Article 3.14.


Violations of the Hazing Policy should be reported to the Office of University Services or University Police for appropriate disciplinary action. Infractions of this policy will result in disciplinary procedures being initiated in a timely manner according to the regulations prescribed in the University's Code of Student Conduct. Violations of law will be handled in accordance with the criminal court system. 


The University takes the enforcement and dissemination of the Hazing Policy very seriously.  Each calendar year during student organization registration all organizations are required to acknowledge receipt of the hazing policy and the potential penalties associated with its violation.  This policy is also discussed at the beginning of each year with organization officers during new student organization registration and at each annual Greek retreat.  It is posted on the McNeese website with other relevant student organization forms.