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Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Policy

Date enacted or revised: 
September 2006

The President has delegated authority to individual vice presidents, CITO, and the athletic director allowing them to approve fundraising activities in their reporting areas. If a department/unit wishes to conduct a fund raising activity, the individual responsible for conducting the fundraiser should receive written permission to hold the activity from their direct supervisor (Dean, Department Head, or Director). Upon the supervisor's approval, the written permission should be submitted to the corresponding vice president, CITO, or athletic director for approval. Examples of fundraising activities would include general raffles, food or merchandise sales, etc.  The written request should include the following:

  1. A description of the fundraising activity.
  2. Information about the proposed use of the funds. The proposed expenditures must be consistent with the purpose of the fund raising activity.
  3. The name of the individual responsible for collecting the funds.

Once the fundraising activity is approved, the individual department/unit should contact Administrative Accounting to establish a Restricted Account, which will be used to account for funds raised or donated and account for the expenditure of these funds. Restricted accounts are subject to audit by the University Internal Auditor and the Office of the Legislative Auditor.

Solicitations for donations from specific donors should be coordinated with the Vice President for University Advancement.

Note: Additional policies are included.