Tobacco Use Policy

Authority: Business Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: Revised July 17, 2007; Jan 12, 2015; October 15, 2015; August 2021


This policy provides information about McNeese State University regulations concerning tobacco use on campus. 

Tobacco Use 

Smoking and the use of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, are prohibited within all buildings and within 25 feet of all buildings. Smoking or the use of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, is also prohibited in all University vehicles. It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students to observe the Tobacco Use Policy. 

Conflicts concerning issues of smoking shall be mediated by the building coordinator after discussions with all employees involved. 

This policy complies with Act 211 of the 2013 Regular Legislative Session, which requires institutions to provide a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for its employees, students, and visitors. All faculty, staff, and students share the responsibility of adhering to this policy. 

The success of this policy will depend upon the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of tobacco users and non-users. 


This policy is distributed via the Academic Advisory Council, the Administrative Advisory Council, Campus Digest, Student Digest, and through routine communication between departments.