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Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan

Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan

Business Affairs
Date enacted or revised: 
Rev August 4, 2014; April 2016

Pursuant to University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors Policies and Procedures Memoranda (Policy Number: S-II.[3]), McNeese State University provides optional insurance coverage to students subject to minimum enrollment criteria mutually agreed and accepted by the University and insurance vendor. This coverage is made available through a third party benefit provider selected by the University through a competitive process and must meet the minimum standards prescribed under applicable law including, but not limited to, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA) of 2010. This policy is subject to change as provisions of these laws become effective.


Domestic and international students are eligible to elect and enroll in a University-offered insurance plan in fall, spring, and summer terms subject to enrollment criteria mutually agreed upon and accepted by the University and insurance vendor. This insurance is optional and the student must enroll in and pay directly with the vendor if they wish to obtain coverage. Students may also elect to seek, appropriate to individual situations and eligibility, sickness and injury insurance through their parents, spouse, or private carrier of their own choosing.  This service is overseen by the Office of University Services.

Domestic Students in Nursing, Radiologic Sciences, and Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and other Health-Related Fields

Students pursuing studies in nursing, radiologic sciences, clinical laboratory sciences, and other health-related fields may wish to consider purchasing insurance coverage, if appropriate, in order to comply with the requirements of clinical health care education sites (hospitals, medical laboratories, physician offices, other healthcare facilities) to which McNeese students are frequently assigned. Students with no form of injury and sickness insurance may be prohibited from visiting certain clinical sites associated with academic programs of the University. Students should contact the faculty coordinator or department head of the academic program in which they are enrolled, or the dean of the college in which the academic program is located, for additional guidance and assistance regarding insurance and related requirements associated with clinical education sites.
Addendum for International Students and McNeese Students Studying Abroad

International students studying at McNeese, and McNeese students (both domestic and international) participating in study abroad programs for academic and/or enrichment purposes through McNeese or a partnering institution, may be required to purchase and/or provide proof of insurance coverage for sickness, injury, travel, and related concerns. Students should contact the Office of International Student Programs for additional guidance and assistance with insurance and related requirements associated with international student status and study abroad programs.
This policy is communicated through the University Policy Page, Academic Advisory Council, Administrative Advisory Council, the University Listserv, and the Student Listserv.