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Key Control Policy

Key Control Policy

Business Affairs and University Services
Date enacted or revised: 
February 2010

McNeese State University has developed this key control policy to achieve accountability for all keys to university buildings and/or offices, to provide appropriate security, and to reduce the university's risk of property and other losses.

It is the responsibility of the Director of Office of Facilities and Plant Operations to oversee the university key control plan. The following policies and procedures are to be followed.

Key issuance to university employees:

  1. Keys will be only issued to McNeese State University employees with documented acknowledgment and agreement of his/her department head or other appropriate supervisor.

  2. Such documentation will be forwarded to the Director of the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations, who will review, and if in accordance with this policy, approve the key release.

  3. To secure the key, the employee must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the McNeese State University Key Agreement and must sign in person at the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations.

  4. The employee may not transfer, loan, or give possession of the key to another person, nor may the employee modify or alter the key in any way. Further, the employee is absolutely prohibited from duplicating unauthorized copies of the key(s).

  5. The issuance of more than one key to an individual room or building is by exception only, and if more than one key is deemed necessary, the request must be accompanied by a justification that has been approved by a responsible dean, director, or higher position.

  6. Once the key agreement is signed, the key may be released to the employee.

Key collection:

  1. If an employee leaves employment with the university, the employee must return the key to the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations, and the key must be returned before Human Resources and Student Employment may authorize the release of the employee's final paycheck.

  2. Return of the key is to be noted on the signed key agreement.

  3. If the key is not returned, a lost key/replacement fee of $25.00 will be assessed to the former employee.

Access Control:

  1. Office of Facilities and Plant Operations maintains the key inventory through the filed key agreements.

  2. A computerized key inventory is also kept. Keys are serialized to aid in inventory, tracking, etc.

Program Evaluation Guidelines:

A key inventory is updated on a daily basis by the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations through the following:

  • Each key request generates a new key agreement-multiple releases of keys to a department, although strongly discouraged, are tracked on a key agreement signed an individual department head, director, or supervisor.

  • When a key is returned to the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations, the return is noted on the signed key agreement, and the key is then destroyed.

Procedures for key duplication or replacement:

  1. The Office of Facilities and Plant Operations is immediately notified regarding a missing key, lost key, etc.

  2. Depending on level of security needed in those areas secured by that key, the core may or may not be replaced. If security mandates the core be replaced, a $25.00 charge per new key needed to access the newly cored lock will be assessed.

Key release to university student employees:

  1. Keys may be released to students who are members of a recognized student organization, and the organization's office is housed in a university building. The University Department Head or sponsor of the organization must grant written approval to release a key to the student by completing a key request form. The student must read and sign a key agreement at the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations.

  2. Except for extraordinary circumstances, students, including graduate assistants, not meeting the criteria of 1 above, should not be granted possession of a key to a University facility. A University employee who approves a student to receive a key will assume the full responsibility for doing so, including financial charges for keys not returned, lost, or damaged.

Note: All policies and procedures remain the same for students with keys as employees. Students may have a lost key charge debited to their student account.