Bar From University-Owned or Controlled Premises

Authority: Student Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: March 2011; Revised March 2016; March 17, 2022

The University’s core values of academic excellence, student success, fiscal responsibility, and University-community alliances are best achieved within a campus culture that promotes safety and security for students, faculty, administrative employees, and guests. The actions or presence of persons who threaten the safety and security of the campus community, including actions that demonstrate a refusal to cooperate with reasonable requests of University officials acting in the scope of their duty, may necessitate the temporary or permanent prohibition and/or removal of such persons from University-owned or controlled premises.

The following persons possess delegated administrative authority to act on behalf of the University president to bar from the campus or any portion thereof, and from physical locations owned or otherwise under the control of the institution, any person or persons whose actions or presence are deemed to pose a threat to the safety and security of University students, faculty, administrative employees, and guests:

  • Dean of student services; and
  • University Police (chief and subordinate peace officers working under the authority of the department).

Bar orders shall normally be executed in writing and presented to and received by the barred party in-person with the assistance of University Police. In circumstances where this is not possible, a written or verbal order executed by an authorized party shall have the same effect as written notification administered in-person.

Persons who are barred from University-owned or controlled premises are forbidden from making re-entry for the stated term of the bar order; however, a bar order may, in some cases, be constructed to permit entry subject to specified conditions relative to specific times, places, behaviors, or other restrictions. Persons who violate a duly executed bar order are subject to immediate arrest, removal from the premises, and criminal prosecution for trespassing. Bar orders may apply to any or all areas of the campus and its owned, rented, or otherwise controlled premises including but not limited to grounds; parking lots; roadways and sidewalks; recreational and athletic facilities; University events; music and arts performance facilities; physical buildings; agricultural farms and facilities; automobiles; and any and all other structures and areas or any portion thereof. Bar orders also apply to facilities or venues owned by other parties but are rented or used by the University and affiliated entities for official institutional purposes.

Appeal of a Bar Order

Persons who are barred from University-owned or controlled premises may appeal a bar order in its entirety or in part. The bar order outlines that process, according to the following protocol (all bar orders direct the individual to contact the University Police chief who will facilitate the process either through University Police or the Office of Student Services).

Bar orders issued to students in association with suspension from the University for one year or more or permanent expulsion from the University are subject to appeal procedures set forth in the Code of Student Conduct.

An individual who has been issued a bar order that extends beyond one year may make a request to the University Police chief on an annual basis to have the order reviewed administratively without having the right to an in-person hearing.

Barred PartyMay appeal to:If declined may appeal to:
Current/prospective McNeese studentsDean of Student ServicesDiscipline Committee
Current/former McNeese employeesUniversity Police Chief or designeeCampus Violence Prevention Team/IMT
General publicUniversity Police Chief or designeeCampus Violence Prevention Team/IMT

The University president reserves the right of final appeal, modification, or termination for all bar orders.


This policy is distributed via the University Policies webpage.