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Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

Information Technology
Date enacted or revised: 
Enacted February, 2016; Revised July 2016

McNeese State University provides access to Information Technology (IT) resources in support of its vision, mission, philosophy and responsibility for education, research and service in Southwest Louisiana. Accordingly, the University encourages and promotes the use of these resources by the University community, within institutional priorities and financial capabilities.
Access to, and use of, these resources and services are privileges which must be accepted in strict compliance with all applicable laws and with the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior.
The purpose of this policy is to guide all users in the acceptable use of IT resources at McNeese State University.
IT resources at McNeese State University include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Computers and mobile devices
  • Network infrastructure, both wired and wireless
  • Software
  • Physical facilities
  • Data communications systems and services
  • Support personnel

This policy applies to anyone utilizing McNeese IT resources, whether affiliated with the University or not. This policy is applicable to all users regardless of the following:
  • Ownership (University or personally owned computer or device)
  • Location (on or off campus)
  • Method of connectivity (wired or wireless)

User Responsibilities
  • Users must abide by all federal, state, and local laws
  • Users must abide by all applicable copyright laws and may be held personally liable for any infractions
  • Users must abide by all license agreements including legal restrictions of use and copying
  • Use of IT resources for political purposes is not permitted
  • Use of IT resources for personal commercial purposes or for personal economic gain is not permitted
  • Use of IT resources to gain unauthorized access to anything is not permitted
  • Disruptive use of University IT resources is not permitted
  • Users may not manipulate or augment the University network infrastructure without prior approval
  • Users may not intentionally damage, or render useless, any equipment, software, or data
  • Users shall only use equipment, accounts, passwords, and services for which they have authorization
  • Users shall not allow unauthorized users to access IT resources, which includes sharing login credentials for any accounts for which they have authorization
  • Users are reminded to exercise appropriate language, behavior, and style in their use of IT resources

Policy Administration

  • The University does not generally monitor or limit access to the campus network. However, it reserves the right to monitor, access, and review information under certain conditions such as a court order, subpoena, or other legally enforceable discovery request.
  • The University may suspend, block, or restrict access to an account when it appears necessary to do so
  • Communications made concerning University business are subject to Louisiana Public Records Law and retention requirements.
  • Individual units within the University may define additional conditions for acceptable use of resources under their control which are consistent with this policy statement, and which may provide additional detail, guidelines, and restrictions.
Policy Compliance

Users found to have violated this policy may be subject to the following:
  • Suspension of access to IT resources
  • Penalties and disciplinary action, including expulsion or dismissal
  • Referral of suspected violations of law to appropriate law enforcement agencies for further investigation or action

Inquiries or Reporting Violations

Office of Information Technology
Burton Business Center, Room 433


This policy is distributed via the Academic Advisory Council, the Administrative Advisory Council, the University Listserv, the Student Listserv, University’s website, and through routine communication between departments.