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Building Counts

Number of buildings
Number of significant structures* on main campus 51
Number of significant structures* on the athletic campus 12
Number of significant structures* at McNeese Farm 10
Number of significant structures* at FACE 6
Land Holdings
Owned leased total
Land Holdings  471.46 Acres 1,089.10 Acres 1,560.56 Acres
Building Gross Square Footage 2,203,693 215,326 2,419,019
Building Net Assignable 1,537,760 181,787 1,719,547

Net Assignable Square Footage by Allocation Category

Square Feet % Total
Academic 612,689 39.95%
Administrative 70,938 4.62%
Athletics 141,741 9.24%
Auxiliary 457,742 29.84%
Residential 227,346 14.82%
Vacated 23,351 1.52%
Total 1,533,807 100.0%

* A significant structure is a building that is inhabited daily by personnel, is served by utilities, or of such great size (e.g.: Cowboy Stadium) that it requires significant maintenance and upkeep. Service buildings that are dependencies of another building are counted under that building they serve.