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2016-2017 Organizational Chart

2016-2017 Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

McNeese State University Organizational Chart

Organizational Structure

  • President
    Dr. Daryl V. Burckel
      • Chief Diversity & Title IX Officer, Inclusive Excellence
        Dr. Michael Snowden
      • Director, Internal Audit & Ethics Liason, Internal Audit
        Victoria Roach
      • Director, Public Relations & University Events
        Candance Townsend
      • Director, University Marketing & Licensing
        Virginia Karg
    • Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs & Enrolllment Managment
      Dr. Mitchell Adrian
        • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness
          Jessica R. Hutchings
        • Chief of Police, University Police & Information Center
          William Scheufens
        • Dean, Burton College of Education
          Dr. Angelique Ogea (Interim)
        • Dean, College of Business
          Dr. Cynthia Cano (Interim)
        • Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science
          Dr. Nikos Kiritsis
        • Dean, College of Liberal Arts
          Dr. Michael Buckles (Interim)
        • Dean, College of Nursing & Health Professions
          Dr. Peggy L. Wolfe
        • Dean, College of Science & Agriculture
          Dr. George F. Mead
        • Dean, Doré School of Graduate Studies
          Dr. Ray Miles
        • Director, Institute for Industry-Education Collaboration
        • Director, Lether E. Frazer Memorial Library
          Debbie Johnson-Houston
        • Director, Research & Sponsored Programs
        • Director, Electronic Learning
        • Associate Vice President For Enrollment Management
          Stephanie Tarver
            • Director, Admissions & Recruiting
              Kourtney R. Istre
            • Director, Community Services & Outreach
              Betty Anderson
            • Director, Financial Aid
              Taina J. Savoit
            • Director, General & Basic Studies
              Marshal N. Guidry
            • Director, International Programs
              Preble G. Girard
            • Director, Scholarships
              Ralynn F. Castete
            • Registrar
              Catrina G. Boenig
            • Testing Officer, Testing Services
    • Vice President For Student Affairs & Dean of Students
      Dr. Chris Thomas
        • Dining & Catering Services
        • Director, Disability Services & Compliance
          Timothy Delaney
        • Housing & Residence Life
        • Associate Dean of Students
          Kedrick A. Nicholas
          • Director, Recreation Complex
          • Director, Upward Bound
            Valeece Davis
          • Multicultural Engagement Coordinator
        • Director, Student Health and Development
          Raime Thibodeaux
          • Coordinator, Career & Student Development Center
    • Chief Information Technology Officer, General Manager KBYS, Information Technology
      Mr. Chad A. Thibodeaux
        • Coordinator, Tasc Operations
          Robert L. McLean
        • Director, University Computing Services
          Stanley Hippler
    • Vice President
      for University Advancement
      Mr. Richard H. Reid
        • Director, Banners at McNeese
          Brook Hanemann
        • Director, McNeese Alumni Association
          Joyce D. Patterson
        • Director, University AdvancemenT, Operations & Special Events
          Melissa E. Northcutt
    • Vice President
      For Business Affairs
      Mr. Eddie P. Meche
        • Budget & Endowment Reporting Officer
          Georgina A. Heuring
        • Chief Accounting Officer, Administrative Accounting
          Mona G. White
        • Director, Human Resources & Student Employment
          Charlene R. Abbott
        • Director, Purchasing & Property Control
          Roxane C. Fontenot
        • Manager, University Bookstore
          Donna L. Martin
        • Director, Facilities, Plant & Facilities ADA Compliance
          Richard Rhoden
          • Manager, Facilities Maintenance
            Robert J. Prejean
          • Manager, Grounds
            Wilbert H. Kelly
          • Project Coordinator, Facilities & Plant operations
            Kevin W. Martin
    • Athletics Director, Division of Athletics
      Bruce Hemphill
        • Assistant Athletics Director, Communications
          William Bonnette
        • Assistant Athletics Director, Event Management and Facilities
        • Associate Athletics Director, Administration and Operations
          Tanner C. Stines
        • Faculty Athletics Representative
          Dr. Michael J. Soileau
        • Senior Associate Athletics Director, Compliance & Sr. Women's Administrator
          Bridget Martin

Additional Organizational Structure

  • President
    Dr. Daryl V. Burckel
      • Senior Associate Athletics Director, Compliance & Sr. Women's Administrator
        Bridget Martin