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We Change Lives

Internships are a great way for students to get hands-on experience in their field of study under the supervision of an experienced professional. Internships can be on or off campus, paid or unpaid and typically last one semester, though many students participate in multiple internships over the course of their educational career.

Internships offer opportunities to network with industry professionals, receive on-the-job training and graduate with work experience, and are a great way to start building your resume before you enter the workforce. Many McNeese interns are able to translate their internship experiences into full-time employment after graduation.

Academic Credit

Students in every major are eligible for internships, and most internships offered through McNeese qualify for academic credit, as long as they are related to your field of study. To find out more about available internships, eligibility requirements, tuition costs and how to enroll in internship courses, contact the Career and Student Development Center.

“It’s very fast-paced, and you meet so many people and you get to learn a lot. It’s all about networking – some of the people that you meet might be partners later at a firm you want to go to. Once you get out of college, employers are looking for people with experience, so this is definitely great for your career.” — Jailyn Papillion, finance and accounting major and intern at KPMG
“Being able to complete my internship at the KDCC has allowed me to make even deeper connections with my professors. I love knowing that I’m never alone in this job and that our faculty members are so willing to offer help when it’s needed.” — Caitlyn Kudrecki (left), psychology graduate student and intern with the Kay Doré Counseling Center
“I’ve been in contact with the mayor and several notable members of the community, so I try and keep in touch and really cultivate those relationships professionally. I think these contacts can be really helpful when I’m looking to start my career after graduation. It’s been a great experience and I’m very grateful to have this opportunity.” -Grant Leonards, history major and intern for the 1911 Historic City Hall Arts & Cultural Center
“The nursing classes I took McNeese definitely were useful in my internship, but also many of the classes I took as a basic studies major ended up being even more helpful. I now have an understanding of people’s socio-economic backgrounds and history can shape how they communicate. With my internship, we have people from all walks of life in the patient population, and being able to talk to them at their level – whatever that level might be – is extraordinarily helpful.” – Kiah Dubard, basic studies major and intern at Falgoust Eye Medical and Surgical Center
“I worked at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge banding morning doves. This program’s been wonderful, and I think everyone in the Agricultural Sciences program has a serious passion for what they do and what they teach, and I’ve appreciated it so much. It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even in the field of wildlife management, it’s very special opportunity.” – Andrew Langley, natural resource conservation major and intern for Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge


Interested in learning more about offering student internships to McNeese students? Contact our internship coordinators to find out more:

Internship Director – College of Business
Morgan Turpin
(337) 475-5554

Internship Coordinator – College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Whitney Dickerson
(337) 475-5854

Internship Coordinator – Health Systems Management
Dr. Amy Bufford
(337) 475-5835

For all other internships, contact the Career and Student Development Center.