Holbrook Student Union

Engagement Central

The Holbrook Student Union complex serves as the central clearinghouse for diverse student life programs and activities designed to engage students in University and community life, recognize student academic and success, and promote linkages with key community stakeholders. Encompassing over 75,000 square feet, these facilities are headquarters for multiple student-funded and student-led initiatives that add value to the collegiate experience by nurturing leadership development; promoting philanthropy and service to others; creating awareness about local, regional, and global cultural issues; providing social and entertainment events; and fostering advocacy for an array of student and campus concerns. Holbrook Student Union houses several venues utilized for campus programs, campus dining options, and offices for student entities. The facility is often referred to as the family room for the campus.

Hours of Operation

Old Ranch

Monday-Friday – 7:00am – 10:00pm

Saturday-Sunday – 10:00am – 8:00pm

New Ranch

Monday-Thursday – 7:00am – 10:00pm

Friday – 7:00am – 11:30am

Saturday-Sunday – CLOSED (open for special events)

Offices/Operations in Holbrook Student Union

  • Student Union Information Center
  • Office of Student Services (Dean of Students)
  • Student Activities & Cultural Engagement
  • Student Organizations & Fraternity/Sorority Life
  • Student Government Association
  • Student Life Coalition
  • Bookstore
  • Campus Post Office Counter
  • Dining Services Office
  • Rowdy’s Dining Hall
  • New Ranch Food Court
  • Market Convenience Store

Student Union Venue Reservations and Table Requests

Recognized student organizations, McNeese departments, and the community are invited to request to rent space in the student union and reserve tables to market upcoming events, initiatives, and other endeavors. Room reservations and table requests are free for recognized student organizations and McNeese departments. Expo table requests are free for non-profit organizations and state agencies. Fees for non-University entities are listed below.

While reservations are complimentary for University entities, charges may be assessed for extensive services such as enhanced security, custodial support, or attendant support.

University Entities Reservation Forms

Registered/ recognized student organizations and McNeese departments

Non-University Entity Reservation Forms

Other Reservation Forms

Reservation Fees for Non-University Entities

Venue/ ItemCost Per HourCost Per Day
Expo Table Request (per table)N/A$75
Mariner Room (25)$25$125
Mallard Room (20)$25$125
La Jeunesse Room (150)$50$175
Parra Ballroom (300)UnavailableUnavailable
Old Ranch Ballroom (200)UnavailableUnavailable
Executive Meeting Room (25)UnavailableUnavailable
Quadrangle (and Amphitheater)$175$875
Quad Amphitheater (only)$75$300
Reservation Fees

Other venues are charged based on the nature of the request

In addition to usage fees, proof of liability insurance may be required for non-University entities.

Technology is included when it is built into the venue’s infrastructure.


If you have questions regarding Holbrook Student Union or reservations, email studentunion@mcneese.edu or call 337-562-4212.