Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does McNeese have a Student Government Organization (SGA)?
McNeese SGA provides programs, services, and activities for the student body. It provides educational benefits to students through positions and programs which develop leadership, professional, academic, or vocational skills. It serves as the official representative for students, and advocate on their behalf to campus, local, state, and national officials. The student government is responsible for enhancing student life, hosting programs, sponsoring various community service events on campus, making recommendations, providing information, and contributing opinions to the college and other areas as well as providing support to the student clubs and organizations on campus. McNeese Student Government Association helps in various student events like homecoming and spring fling week. This gets the students involved to have fun, meet other students, and overall embrace their experience here at McNeese. McNeese SGA also hosts elections. These elections allow McNeese students to vote for or against various propositions to most positively affect them and the rest of the student body as a whole.
Why does SGA matter?
McNeese SGA is an outlet to promote change. It gives the students a voice beyond the classroom. The purpose of a student government association is to give the students a voice to stand up and to be an advocate for what they are passionate about. If there is a particular issue concerning students or the students simply have an idea they would like to present to SGA, contact the SGA office.
What kind of resources does McNeese SGA give access to?
SGA gives access to free test taking materials such as scantrons and green books, has information concerning events on campus as well as issues that may have risen within the student body, and provides funding for various organizations and events. 
How do I get involved in McNeese SGA?
The best way to get involved is to attend SGA programs, activities, and meetings. If you are interested in an elected or appointed position within SGA, you can receive more information about joining student government from the SGA office and staff. If you want to be actively involved with campus life, join the many active clubs/organizations McNeese has to offer on campus. Additionally, the student government always needs program volunteers. If this interests you, please contact a member of the student government for program information.
  • How to be involved in the meetings
  1. Get involved in an organization on campus.
  2. Become the SGA Representative for that organization.
  3. Attend meetings to become involved and an important part of SGA.
  • Outside the meetings
    • We will be hosting several “Town Hall” meetings in which students are able to come and ask questions regarding SGA and any services the organization might be able to provide to the student body to better its experience here at McNeese.

How do I contact SGA?
Our office is located in the Old Ranch and you can call us at (337)-475-5605.
You can also stop by at any time.