Student Government Association

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What is the Student Government Association (SGA)?

The McNeese SGA serves as the official representative for students, and advocates on their behalf to campus, local, state, and national officials. Our goal is to improve student life on campus by hosting proactive programs and activities, sponsoring community service throughout our campus community, providing support to student organizations, and providing information and updates to the student body. McNeese SGA also assists with various student events, such as homecoming week or spring fling week, which encourage students to have fun, meet their peers, and enhance their experience here at McNeese.

Why is SGA important?

The McNeese SGA is a great outlet for students to promote change. Our SGA is composed of student leaders who are elected and appointed by students. We host elections for students to vote for or against various propositions that may positively impact their experience at McNeese. Ultimately, SGA provides McNeese students a voice for change that goes beyond the classroom.

How do I get involved in SGA?

The best way to get involved is to attend SGA programs, activities, and meetings. If you are interested in an elected or appointed position within SGA, you can receive more information about joining student government from the SGA office and staff. If you want to be actively involved with campus life, you can join the many active clubs or organizations McNeese has to offer on campus and become the SGA representative for that group. Additionally, the student government always needs program volunteers. If this interests you, please contact a member of the student government for program information.

★ Involvement in Meetings

  • Any student can attend the meetings to listen to new and old business, as well as provide input during open forum.
  • For deeper involvement, students can run in an election to become a Senator for their college, or they can become the SGA Representative for a student organization on campus to vote on bills and other legislation in meetings.
  • SGA meetings are held during the semester on Wednesdays at 4Pm.

★ Involvement in Meetings

  • Follow our social media pages for updates on elections and events! Social Media information can be found on the SGA Website.
  • Students are encouraged to visit the SGA Office in the Old Ranch to visit with officers and ask questions.
  • Students may also contact any officer or senator via email, which is provided on the SGA website.

How can I contact SGA?

Students are welcome to visit our office in the Old Ranch. However, our presence in the office varies. For quicker responses and appointment scheduling, you can email any officer you are hoping to reach through your McNeese email. You can find our emails on the Get to Know Us page. Questions or concerns may also be submitted to the open forum form.

★ Open Forum Link