Electronic Learning Courses

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Online Courses

Electronic Learning Classes are offered to and designed for well-disciplined students who are capable of handling independent study. All web-based hybrid “WH” classes require some on-campus classroom obligations and assignments. The on-campus meeting times and/or dates and locations can be obtained from Class Search (available on the Schedule website, Banner Self-Service, and MyMcNeese Portal). All web based courses marked with a “W” are strictly online. Electronic learning courses have fees ($20 per credit hour) in addition to regular registration fees. For questions about any of these classes, call 475-5075 or email the professor if listed or contact the department.

Compressed Video Classes (RC)

Compressed video courses offer students an opportunity to receive credit from McNeese in dual-enrollment, by attending class at one of the on-campus sites, or at one of the off-campus sites in several of the Louisiana areas. Compressed video involves two-way, full motion video and audio that closely replicates a traditional face-to-face class. Usually, the classes are offered from McNeese, but many of the courses are offered off-campus as well as from site-to-site.

Online or Hybrid Classes (W or WH)

Online or Hybrid classes are offered in several departments and allow students to access class information and assignments from home or at times that might be more convenient to the student. Web classes are often used to supplement traditional classes or other distance courses. Some on-campus meeting times or designated testing sites may be required for web hybrid “WH” classes. Electronic fees ($20 per credit hour) will be administered for all online classes. Web classes “W” are strictly online classes and require no meeting times on campus. Refer to class listings marked section “W or WH” to register for these web classes.
More information is available in the course sections or from the instructors. When the classes begin, they may be accessed from the Moodle link on the MyMcNeese Portal. All new students are assigned user IDs and passwords for MyMcNeese Portal at the start of their first semester or during late registration.
Class Search (available on the Schedule website, Banner Self-Service, and MyMcNeese Portal) allows students to “Show web courses only” in the search for classes. To view web courses only, click on Class Search, select the semester and click on “Submit Query.” On the next page, do not restrict the search in any way other than to mark the check box for “Show web courses only.” This will return all available web courses for the selected semester.

Accelerated Online Classes

All online courses with an “XA, XB and XW” section code are are offered for students enrolled in online programs. The “XA” and “XB” sections indicate accelerated 7-week courses. Additional fees for online courses and online programs may apply. These online classes provide an opportunity for adult students to earn a degree in Criminal Justice, Family and Child Studies, Management, Sociology and Psychology without the need of having to come onto the McNeese campus. For more information concerning these accelerated courses call McNeese Adult Learning at 337-562-4220 or emailing adultlearn@mcneese.edu.