Class Listings Information

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Classes, Instructors Subject to Change

McNeese State University reserves the right to cancel classes or sections of classes in cases of under-enrollment. Instructors listed are subject to change without notice. Questions regarding changes should be directed to the department offering the class. The department’s telephone number is listed in the department telephone numbers section.

Obtaining Unknown Course Reference Numbers

To register for an applied music course or any other course for which a course reference number is not listed, contact the department offering the course. Phone numbers for each department are listed in the registration information section.

BANDBand Building
BBCBurton Business Center
BULBERBulber Auditorium
COLSMBurton Coliseum
DOLANDDoland Memorial Athletic Complex
DREWH. C. Drew Hall
ETLABEngineering and Technology Labs
FARMMcNeese Farm
FARRARFarrar Hall
FRASCHFrasch Hall
GAYLEGayle Hall
GHANNXGayle Hall Annex
GYMMemorial Gym
HOLBRKHolbrook Student Union
HRTNRJuliet Hardtner Hall
KAUFKaufman Hall
KIRKKirkman Hall
LIBRYFrazar Memorial Library
OFFCMPOff-Campus Sites
RECRecreation Complex
SFAShearman Fine Arts Center
SFAAShearman Fine Arts Annex
SUANNXStudent Union Annex
TBATo Be Announced

Abbreviation of Days

  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • S = Saturday
  • U = Sunday

Course Times

Course times are listed in military time. Regular, or civilian, time uses the numbers 1 to 12 to identify each of the 24 hours in a day. In military time, the hours are numbers from 00 to 24. Both regular and military time use minutes and seconds in exactly the same way. When converting from regular to military time and vice versa, the minutes and seconds do not change. For example, 1:05 PM would be 1305.

Course Prerequisites and Corequisites

Some of the courses offered this semester have pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements. Before enrolling in a course, students should verify that course requirements as indicated in the Course Description section of the McNeese Catalog are met.

Linked Sections

In Banner, there are two methods of scheduling courses that must be taken concurrently: co-requisites and links (or linked sections).
Co-requisites are two or more different courses that must be taken concurrently. For example, CHEM 301 and CHEM 301L are co-requisites of each other and must be taken concurrently. Students registering for CHEM 301 must simultaneously register for CHEM 301L.

Links are sections of the same course that must be taken concurrently. In a sense, the lecture sections and the lab sections of links are co-requisites of each other and must be taken concurrently. For example, students registering for BIOL 225 must register for a lecture section and a lab section, and the registration must occur simultaneously.

Variable Credits

Courses with a variable credit designation may be taken for a range of credit hours. Some examples of variable credit courses are:

  • CHEM 699, 3 to 6 credits
  • ENGL 699, 1 to 6 credits
  • EDUC 468P, 9 or 12 credits

Students should consult their academic advisor or the department offering the variable credit course to determine the number of semester hours for which they should register. To register for a variable credit course, a student should add the course through the Registration and Drop/Add Classes function.

Once registered for the course, the student should verify that the Credit for the course is correct. If it is not, the student should click on the credit amount to be directed to the Change Class Options function. Once on the Change Class Options feature, the student should enter the correct number of hours and click Submit Changes. Changes should be verified on the student’s schedule.

Course Section Designations

Different sections of courses offered are identified by a letter or combination of letters listed below the course number, immediately following the course call number. Certain letter combinations are used to designate special types of course offerings as listed below.

  • RC = Compressed Video courses
  • U = Pre-session (interim) sections
  • V = Night Classes
  • W =Web courses; entirely online
  • WH = Web Hybrid; at least 50% online – does require class meetings
  • Z= Off Campus
  • Q = Section created after advising has started

Interim/Pre-session Class Offerings

Departments occasionally offer classes between semesters. These interim/pre-session classes are part of the upcoming semester. Classes taught between the summer and fall semesters are considered pre-session class offerings of the fall semester. Classes taught between the fall and spring semester are spring classes, and those taught between spring and summer are summer classes. Students must be admitted to the university for the semester in which they wish to enroll in a pre-session class. Fees for pre-session classes are calculated in addition to the fees for the regular semester. Registration and payment for pre-session classes must be completed by the first meeting of a class.

Incomplete Grades and Re-enrollment

Students who received an incomplete grade during a previous semester must not re-enroll in the same course. Arrangements for completing work from a previous semester are to be made between the instructor assigning the grade and the student; however, the student may not re-enroll in a course in order to complete work from a previous semester.