Withdrawing from Courses

During the official registration periods, students may add/drop classes on the web through Banner Self-Service.

After the last day of late registration and through the published deadline, a student can initiate a withdrawal from a course or all courses on the web through Banner Self-Service.  Once approved and processed by the Registrar’s Office, a grade of ‘WZ’ will be assigned if the student has remaining enrolled courses, or a grade of ‘W’ will be assigned if the student has requested to withdraw from all courses which is in effect resigning from the university. A student who officially resigns from the university prior to the published deadline will receive a grade of ‘W’ in all courses; however, if a student previously withdrew from any courses, the assigned grade of ‘WZ’ will not be replaced with a grade of ‘W’.

Withdrawing from a course may not be a student’s only option.  Students are encouraged to see their academic advisor before submitting the withdrawal request; however, students are not required to obtain advisor approval before withdrawing.  F1 and J1 visa students’ and student athletes’ requests to withdraw will be routed to the appropriate office for approval before the request will be processed. High school early admission students are not eligible to use the electronic withdrawal process and should instead see their high school counselor for more information on withdrawing.
Students with registration holds must have the holds removed prior to withdrawing or resigning.  
The deadline for withdrawing from a course or resigning from the university is the published withdrawal deadline which can be found on the Academic Calendar. After the deadline, a student may not withdraw from a course or resign from the university.