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Enrollment Verifications

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The Office of the Registrar provides the following types of enrollment verification letters for students.

  • An enrollment verification letter for a particular semester is usually used by health insurance and loan companies. This letter will include the dates of the semester and enrollment status (full time, half time, etc.). This letter is computer-generated; no information can be added or removed.
  • A history of enrollment letter includes enrollment information for all terms ever attended. This letter will include the dates of the semesters and/or terms and full-, half- or less than half-time status for the specified period. This letter is computer-generated; no information can be added or removed.
  • A “Good Student Discount” letter is used by auto insurance companies.This letter includes your term grade point average in addition to the dates of the term and the number of hours enrolled. To be eligible for a “Good Student Discount” or an “Extended Good Student Discount”, you must meet all requirements as outlined by the auto insurance company. Please note that a 4.0 grade point average is an “A” average, a 3.0 grade point average is a “B” average, and a 2.0 grade point average is a “C” average. This letter is computer-generated; no information can be added or removed.
  • A Letter of Standing may be requested by transferring students (usually at the request of another institution). This letter will include academic standing (good standing, probation, or suspension), dates of attendance, and total semester hours earned.
  • A Letter of Non-Attendance is sent to Admissions offices at other institutions and is for those who need proof of no academic record with McNeese (usually in lieu of a transcript requirement for admission).

Enrollment Verification Request Forms are available in Student Central in Chozen Hall. You may also download the Enrollment Verification Request Form and mail, fax, or scan and email ( your completed request to the Office of the Registrar as indicated on the form. Alternatively, these letters can be requested through the student’s Banner Self Service account. To access the online form, the student must log into his/her account, go to the Student tab, and select Student Records. Any questions regarding enrollment verifications should be directed to 337-475-5065.

Enrollment Verification Request form

Any third-party needing verification of enrollment or degree must request the information through the National Student Clearinghouse.