Duplicate Diplomas

Duplicate diplomas are available upon written request by the student. A photo ID must accompany the request (e.g. Driver’s license, passport, McNeese ID, etc.). Duplicate diplomas are generally ready to be picked up or mailed out in 8-10 weeks. The fees for this service are listed below, and the duplicate diploma fee and/or the mailing fee must be paid before the diploma can be printed. Fees can be paid via check or cash on campus in the Cashier’s Office or mailed to the Registrar’s Office with the request form. Recent students who still remember their Banner Self-Service log in information can pay using the Pay My Bill link in Banner Self-Service and specifying the payment amount (according to the fees below); the receipt will need to be sent to the Registrar’s Office with the request. 

Duplicate diploma: $40 — includes the diploma and a cover
Mailing fee (domestic): $20

To request a duplicate diploma, please use the request form.