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Filing Application for Degree

A student who plans to complete graduation requirements at the end of the current semester should file an Application for Degree for each degree he/she is to receive with his/her academic department during the first week of classes. An application may be used only for the current graduation ceremony for which a candidate is applying to graduate. If a candidate does not graduate during the enrollment period for which applied, a new application must be submitted.

Transfer Courses

If a student is transferring hours from another university in order to complete degree requirements at McNeese, the grade(s) from the other university must be received in the McNeese Office of the Registrar no later than deadline for graduation candidate grades to be submitted as published on the academic calendar on the McNeese website. Questions may be directed to a student’s academic department or to Student Central at 337-475-5065.

Graduating In Absentia

A candidate who wishes to graduate in absentia must submit a notification online prior to the ceremony. In absentia diplomas may be picked up in Student Central beginning at 10am the Monday following commencement until the end of the next semester or mailed for a fee by certified mail the week after commencement. Diplomas will not be mailed if the fee is not paid. To be mailed to a continental U.S. address the fee is $15 (through December 31, 2019; costs beginning January 1, 2020 will likely go up). To be mailed to an address outside of the continental U.S. the student must provide a FedEx or UPS account number and the account will be charged. Please note the University is not responsible for damage sustained in the mailing of diplomas. If your diploma is damaged during the mailing process, you will have to pay the duplicate diploma fee and shipping charges again before another will be mailed out
Request to Graduate In Absentia

For detailed information about Grad Fest, Rehearsal, and the Commencement Ceremonies, please visit commencement.