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Music Scholarships Auditions

Admission to McNeese as a music major or minor is a three-step process. First, complete and submit your application to McNeese State University. Second complete our scholarship/service award application. Lastly, schedule and perform an audition. While auditions are to be completed in-person and on campus, please email Dr. Timothy Pardue ( if in need of special accommodations.

Theatre Scholarships Auditions

Similar to auditioning for the music program, admission to the theatre program begins with an application to McNeese State University, followed by a scholarship/service award application. Following completion of both these steps, contact Dr. Joshua Stenvick ( for the next step!

Continue below for step by step assistance with the application process.

Admission to McNeese as a music major/minor is a three step process:

Step 1: Apply to McNeese State University

We’re so excited you’re taking your first step toward earning your college degree! You can find all the information you need, and start your application process by visiting McNeese admissions. Applying to the university also makes you eligible for Academic Scholarships! (Apply before December 1st for priority scholarship consideration).

Step 2: Complete our Scholarship/Service Award Application

In order to become eligible for departmental scholarships, please take 5 minutes to complete our online Scholarship/Service Award Application. Please complete this step prior to scheduling an audition.

Step 3: Schedule and Perform an Entrance Audition (MUSIC PROGRAM ONLY)

Please contact the appropriate faculty member to schedule your audition, or to answer any instrument specific questions you may have regarding audition materials.

Congratulations! You have now completed all requirements for admission. You will receive confirmation of your potential acceptance and awards by mail or email!

New major/minor diagnostic examinations:

Each admitted student who desires to specialize in music must complete the following entrance requirements during their first semester of studies.

  • Theory Diagnostic Examination. A first-time freshman must demonstrate entrance-level proficiency in the fundamentals of music including notation, rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals, and chords through a diagnostic examination given prior to the student’s first semester of enrollment. In the case of a transfer student, following an attained-level diagnostic examination administered prior to the first semester of enrollment, the student will be placed in the theory and sight singing/ear training courses appropriate to the demonstrated level of knowledge and skills with consideration of the student’s transfer credits in these areas.
  • Functional Piano Audition. A freshman student (non-piano major) who has had no previous experience in keyboard study will be placed in PIAN 115. A student who has had some training and wishes to be granted advanced placement must audition before the keyboard performance board. Following the audition, the board will recommend an appropriate level of study and that advanced placement to this level be awarded. A transfer student will audition and be placed in the functional piano course deemed appropriate by the board, with consideration of the student’s transfer credits in functional piano study.

Program Contact

Dr. Lonny Benoit, Department Head | | 337-475-5466 
W.A. and Dorothy Hanna Department of Performing Arts