Professor Garrett Eckl

Performing Arts | 337-475-5041 | SFAA 102

Garrett Eckl is a musician, programmer, and educator currently based in Lake Charles, LA. He serves on the faculty at McNeese State University as Assistant Professor of Music Production, and does research in the areas of AI-assisted composition, music education software, and audio plug-in development. He earned an M.M. in Computer Music from The Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University, a B.M. in Music Recording Technology and Audio Design from San Diego State, and an A.S. in Liberal Arts from Monroe Community College.

Eckl is also a developer of the RIFFIT Reader and SongR applications, working on their multi-genre AI powered algorithmic composition system, digital instrument collection, and dynamic mixing interface. Periodically he works as an audio engineer, being credited as the lead engineer on San Diego State’s 2019 Fall musical “She Loves Me” and composer Joseph Water’s debut opera “The Magic Hummingbird”. Eckl has also served as a producer on countless records, spanning from Rock and Pop, to Jazz and Classical.