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The Smart Choice

“Students Performing with Untiring Rowdy Spirit”


  • to promote student participation at campus activities and athletic events
  • to provide student leadership opportunities
  • to promote campus spirit through performance at athletic events
  • to be goodwill ambassadors for the athletic department and the University


  • Must be in good academic and discipline standing with the University
  • GPA: 2.5 or higher overall
  • Enrollment: Must be enrolled in no less than 12 credit hours
  • Complete the SPURS application
  • Participate in an interview upon request

Application Files

Once accepted into the program through an application process, SPURS students are required to attend a minimum number of athletic competitions, student life programs, and SPURS meetings to remain in compliance. Each semester the schedule of approved SPURS activities will be generated by the Office of Student Services.

Attendance Verification

At each approved SPURS program, a campus official is present to verify attendance. In order to receive credit for attending a program, students must be present for the entirety of the program and sign out upon dismissal. Those not following these instructions will not receive credit.

Important schedule info:

  • If you require a schedule exception due to your class schedule or an internship connected to your curriculum, you must meet with Mr. Ryan Preatto no later than Wednesday, September 25.
  • You are not allowed to do homework or other distracting activities during programs. If you are not engaged with the program, you may be asked to leave and no credit will be received.
  • Other information you need to know is on the bottom of the schedule file.


If a SPURS student is deemed non-compliant due to not fulfilling the program attendance requirements or other stipulated criteria, they must be granted an appeal to remain in the program.


  • If you have questions regarding your SPURS application or active status, contact the Office of Scholarships at 337-475-5140 or email
  • You can contact Student Activities & Cultural Engagement with any questions or concerns you may have regarding SPURS Activities: 337-475-5295 or