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Building Evacuation

Your Safety Matters

  • Building evacuation will occur upon notification by McNeese Police or other authority
  • In the event of a bomb threat, all evacuation orders and instructions will be given via word of mouth to avert possible accidental detonation through the use of electronic devices
  • Be aware of all marked exits in your area of the building
  • Leave by the nearest exit and alert others to do the same
  • Take all personal belongings with you  (This will assist with the ensuing search of the building.)
  • Do not change the light switch settings  (If the light is on, leave it on. If it is off, leave it off.)
  • Leave all doors open
  • Do not use elevators as they may not be operational
  • Refrain from using any electronic devices such as cell phones until told it is safe to do so
  • Assist the disabled in exiting the building, if requested.  Encourage others to do the same
  • Faculty members and/or Student Services personnel will be located outside the building exits to direct you to a safe assembly point where officials will obtain an accurate head count and provide you with further information
  • No one will be allowed reentry into the affected building for any reason until an “all clear” is given by authorities
  • An emergency command post may be set up near the site.  Keep clear of this area unless you have important information to report